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Johnny has a mad moment

July 14, 2015

goodside                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This is my hypericum hedge which was planted over five years ago and was a pleasure to look at until Johnny decided to trim it.  Not only did he trim it while it was in flower he completely devastated a large part of it before I realised what he was doing.

He razed several plants to the ground. leaving just a thin ‘hedge’ of the plants which had propagated themselves from the parent plants!!!


What on earth possessed him to do a thing like that? When I saw what had happened I was visibly shocked but contained my anger and just said I was terribly disappointed that he had ruined a hedge which had taken five years to grow.

He didn’t seem to see what a daft thing he had done but I made it clear he was to ask me before cutting anything down in future. In fact, if i see him bringing in a chainsaw again I may be tempted to confiscate it!

He is such a good worker  – usually –  that I wouldn’t want to frighted him away by telling him off  but tomorrow his first job will be to plant the hypericum I bought plants