End of Year Party

Our local librarian is unlike any other I have known and she is always willing to have a party.

The English classes I teach comprise a number of ladies who can think up many excuses for a drink and the end of the (school) year is as good a reason as any.

We invited the Italian group as well and the local priest came along as he teaches yoga once a month in the parish hall.

This year Isabel provided ‘soupe au champagne’. I’d never heard of it but after a couple of glasses I felt rather tipsy and then she admitted she couldn’t remember the actual recipe but she had used the best part of a bottle of Cointreau, some fresh lemons, sugar and, of course, several bottles of champagne. No wonder we were all very animated.

The priest surprised us all with some rather risqué jokes such as “We priests have to make up for our celibacy by listening to ladies confessions” and “nuns live in celibacy but die ‘en sainte‘(holy)which is pronounced the same as  enceinte (pregnant).

There was plenty to eat in the form of dainty morsels – mostly savoury – but then they produced little individual chocolate mousses and after that, mixed red fruits with custard.

The party took place in the yard behind the library. it was shady and there was a welcome breeze considering today’s temperatures.

We begin again in September. I hope there’ll be another party before Christmas!

6 Responses to “End of Year Party”

  1. Zoe Sprake Says:

    I’ve not heard of it either but, looking it up, she got the right ingredients – sounds rather jolly! I think that one should take any excuse for a party.

  2. lom Says:

    Sounds delish. You seem to have a wonderful time in France.

  3. sablonneuse Says:

    Thanks for your comments Zoe and Helen. I should have thought of looking up the recipe but last night my brain wasn’t quite in gear!.

  4. Keith Smith Says:

    I dunno! Any excuse for a booze-up!

  5. guyana_gyal Says:

    What a lively post! I enjoyed every bit of it.

    I’d love every excuse to party too but only if others do all the work, haha 🙂

  6. sablonneuse Says:

    Keith, you’d be welcome to join us any time.

    G-G have to admit I didn’t do much for this party – just made some cakes. There are always lots of people ready and willing to get things ready and clear up afterwards and I had to leave before the end. . . . . .

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