Animal update

This is Kica on Thursday when she was just back from the ‘dentist’. She had to have her teeth cleaned as her breath was really bad and she was a bit reluctant to eat. However, since then she has woofed down fish, minced heart, some left overs from our trip to the local restaurant, two packets of catfood some yoghurt and her tablets crushed and mixed with egg. Today she’s back on dog biscuits and some pigs liver.


All we need now is her bath and haircut later this month and she’ll be a ‘new dog’.


The other news is that Bryony has hatched two chicks.  I was beginning to get worried as there was no sign or               sound from underneath her and the babies were overdue. Today I decided to risk lifting her up to see if the                    remaining eggs were broken or bad and, lo and behold, there was a little black chick.



It seemed more than a day old but as there was still an unhatched egg in the nest I suppose Bryony was still ‘sitting’ in the hope that it would hatch so I discarded it.


Then from underneath her there appeared a second chick:

chicks      She had started with six eggs, bought online as her own eggs would                have been fathered by her sons!

She broke one and rejected two but I’m happy with just two babies as I don’t really want to increase the flock.

I just hope they are hens!

3 Responses to “Animal update”

  1. lom Says:

    Kica and the chick are so sweet, although Kica does look sorry for herself

  2. Zoe Sprake Says:

    One of my chickens didn’t return to the run last week – I suspect she is sitting on eggs, though she might have been caught by fox or dog. I didn’t want any chicks this year, but I may have no option!

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