It wasn’t a Tic

Well, I said I’d never seen a tic attached to anyone and that still holds true.

After several unsuccessful attempts to remove the offending object from Kica’s neck we decided we’d have to take her to a vet. I like our usual vet but the journey there is horrendous and after a near accident because of the bad edges on the bendy roads I wanted to find another vet, a bit nearer (and safer).

One of Whale’s carers said her vet was wonderful and she gave me directions. She told me there were no  appointments. You just turn up between 5 and 7p.m.

Jay drove Kica and me and we arrived at five to five to find a small queue of people and animals waiting outside. The vet turned up at 5.15 to let us in and we squeezed into a narrow waiting room.

Only one person came after us so we were nearly last and had to wait well over an hour and a half. I had taken all Kica’s medical records as she also has a problem of bad breath due to her bad teeth (not that she has many left!).

After locating the object the vet told us it wasn’t a tic but a polyp and we should leave well alone.

Then I asked her about Kica’s teeth and tried to explain all the problems she had already had with fistulas, mouth ulcers and gum infections but I said all her notes and x-rays were in the folder.

The vet surprised me by not showing any interest. She just said, as you would expect, that there is always a risk with general anaesthetics and it was our decision. Kica  was showing signs of going off her food so I said we would book her in for a ‘detartrage’.and offered to leave the medical notes for her perusal. She still wasn’t interested.

She gave us an appointment for Thursday but didn’t ask Kica’s name – or our name and phone number for that matter – but i gave it to her anyway.

On the way home, Jay and I decided that we didn’t really want to trust Kica to that vet as she didn’t seem very professional and if she put her under and then discovered that it wasn’t a case of a simple cleaning then Kica might suffer because of her  lack of attention.

So, yesterday I rang to cancel the appointment and am still trying to find a reliable vet where I can feel safe if I have to do the driving. However, I suspect we’ll be going back to Nouzonville where both vets are really good.

As for the car and it’s MOT. We took it to the garage to replace the brake pads but when we went back the next day to collect it, M. Magny was not very pleased. The brake pads were NEW so he suspected that we had already had them repaired!!

I remembered that they had been replaced when we had new winter tyres put on in November and as I don’t do many miles, i suppose there wouldn’t be much wear. So why did the controle technique list ‘serious wear and deterioration’ under brake pads?

Today I rang the boss of the Controle Technique place and he explained that the wear and tear referred to the electric cable (for the brake lights I suppose) but it had to be listed under brake pads. Anyway, it wasn’t a serious problem.

So I rang M. Magny to explain and we both laughed about it so I hope that means he won’t run a mile next time we take a car to his garage.

3 Responses to “It wasn’t a Tic”

  1. lom Says:

    I don’t think I would trust my pets to that vet either.

  2. Keith Smith Says:

    I once took Dinky, my 4 year old cat at the time, because she wasn’t eating. He examined her (£65) and said “It’s just old age, she really needs to be put to sleep”. How’s that for professional advice?

    I changed her cat food. That was the problem, she soon tucked into the new food, and now she is 7 and thinks she is still a kitten.

    Needless to say I never went back to him. The following year he closed down, so obviously other people realised he was a quack (pun intended!).

  3. sablonneuse Says:

    There are obvious bad vets everywhere. Just our luck to come across them, Keith.A vet who thinks 4 means old age for a cat needs to retrain!!
    Fortunately you made the right decision for Dinky.

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