Little things which are sent to try us.

Firstly. Kica has a tic! Help, I’ve never had to deal with one before.

I was just stroking her neck when i felt a lump and on closer examination I found the little black bug firmly attached. Jay bought a tic remover but I haven’t managed to get it off yet. Kica will not stay still enough for me to locate the creature and then use the ‘weapon’ Needless to say she and all the cats have been hastily treated with Frontline .and I’ll keep having a go at getting at the minibeast.

Briony showed signs of going broody so I brought her indoors and gave her some eggs from the marans (lovely dark brown ones) to sit on. However, after less than a week she spread them all over the cage floor and made it clear she wanted to go out and play. The cage is now occupied by Molly – one of the year-old hens, who is showing signs of being broody but doesn’t seem to realise that it involves sitting on eggs.

Still on the subject of chickens, my little family of bantams, who have decided they’d rather live on our side of the fence because the big ones bully them, have blotted their copybook by eating all the leaves off my newly planted strawberries and shrubs.

The car – a 19 year-old Citroen managed  to pass the ‘Controle Techniqe’ – French MOT   – but there was a list of problems that might need to be dealt with before the next test in two years time. We took it to the garage in the next village for an assessment and Mr M said he understood that we didn’t want to spend a lot on an old car and so he’s just fitting new brake pads. He reckons the suspension should last another year or so if we’re not doing lots of kilometres and the other ‘problems’ are not serious enough to spend over 1000 euros to put right.

Bear has tried mesotherapy for the pains in his legs and back but after four sessions there isn’t much improvement. His eyes are getting worse and worse and it seems there’s a shortage of specialists in the whole of France and in our area most of them won’t take on new patients. Our opthalmologist seems to have lost interest in his patients but he still charges way above the usual rate, which means we don’t get fully reimbursed. We’ve made an appointment to see another doctor in the next departmente at the beginning to July.

CC started a teaching contract for 10 weeks last week but has been feeling very tired since having a bad cold for a few weeks. She had to come home early yesterday and went to see her doctor who decided she had bronchitis (though she was complaining more of blocked sinuses  and didn’t seem to have a cough at all!).  She’s on antibiotics and is beginning to feel a bit better.

Finally, my computer has started to play up intermittently. The mouse just seizes up and so I can’t access anything. Today it’s working so I’m making the most of it. It’s a good job I didn’t phone the computer man to come now it’s behaving itself.

Fingers crossed it keeps going.

4 Responses to “Little things which are sent to try us.”

  1. Genie Says:

    We no longer have chickens. I miss them.

    • sablonneuse Says:

      After looking after them all Winter for hardly any eggs I was seriously considering calling it a day but they are so cute and all have different personalities -and besides, they are laying quite well now.,

  2. lom Says:

    Tics are a pain in the backside

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