It’s over a week since i started taking a daily dose of Natto and I have to say it seems to have worked wonders for my blood pressure. Each time I check  it it’s 140/80 or less whereas, even with my other ‘natural remedies’ there were times when it would be a bit higher…

The downside is that it really is an acquired taste and, at first, even the sight of it was a bit difficult to stomach.


OK, you say, it looks a bit like baked beans but when you take a spoonful there are stringy strands to cope with which make it rather off-putting.

So far, the smell doesn’t seem too bad but the taste is peculiar. It isn’t that strong but the first three days it made me feel sick.

Now, if it’s well mixed with porridge, raisins, honey, nuts and my morning supplements I can eat it without wanting to vomit.

Who knows, in a week or so I may even enjoy it..


3 Responses to “Natto”

  1. Pontillius Says:

    Groo! It sounds like some sort of Medieval witchcraft potion! Sooner you than me! I take a shot (or two) of Dark Rum everyday which seems to do the trick. Of course, like you I have to force myself to take it. . . . . .Ha!

    • sablonneuse Says:

      Ooh, I think I’d find dark rum even worse than Natto, Keith. My grandfather used to drink it and it turned my stomach just to wash the glass. Can’t believe it’s good for reducing blood pressure though!

  2. lom Says:

    I have never heard of natto, but if it works it’s better than meds

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