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Charles Bonnet Syndrome

March 31, 2015

For the past few months Bear has been seeing things – patterns on the wall, butterflies, people wearing hats or masks and even a parrot behind the computer.

He had also been suffering from bronchitis and a urine infection so the doctor put it down to fever and/or low blood sugar as he wasn’t eating properly. One of the carers also suggested it could be due to dehydration as he refused to drink because he wanted to wee all the time.

However, after these causes were over, he still experienced hallucinations.We know his sight is failing because of Macular Degeneration but as far as I knew this meant that straight lines could be seen as wavy ones and a blurred patch could occur in the middle of his field of vision. Could these vivid objects be caused by his eyesight?

Well, according to a recent Google search, the answer is yes. I discovered Charles Bonnet Syndrome and this almost exactly describes his symptoms.

It’s a relief to know that there could be an explanation that doesn’t involve losing his marbles as he was getting quite worried and frightened. The visions are extremely real to him and he got cross when I said I couldn’t see them. Now he is more reassured that this may be the answer to his problems.

Of course, we need a doctor to confirm it but there’s no way they will put forward his eye appointment in August (ophthalmologists .are few and far between so waiting times are terribly long) but I have managed to arrange for him to see another specialist in the next Departement in early July.

Has anyone had experience of people with Macular Degeneration and if so, have they, too, had visions like this?