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Good and bad surprises

February 11, 2015

Let’s start with the ‘bad’, which is not that bad anyway. Yesterday Bear was looking for the things to put in his pockets and he couldn’t find his wallet. That’s not unusual as he’s always forgetting where he left it – like his pen, his comb, his mobile, the zapper for the TV – you name it. . . . . . . But suddenly I had a thought: I had put a wash on earlier and was interrupted jin the middle of going through his trouser pockets. I had rescued his phone but. . . . . Sure enough, the wallet was still in his back pocket, rather wet. The notes looked reasonably OK  – not as wet as I’d feared – and the little note from his daugther (who died) wasn’t even smudged. Whew, I took the wallet through to the bedroom where Delphine, the carer was helping him to dress. “Sorry, its been through the wash but I think everything’s alright.” Ooh dear, poor Delphine heard a string of ‘gros mots’ which I’m sure she understood in essence and then Bear proceeded to blame Whale for what had happened! His logic was difficult to follow so I gave up! Anyway, the notes are all dried and perfectly fine now and the credit cards still work. No harm done but I will be extra careful in future. The nice surprise was a visit from Francoise this morning. She came to say that the village association which is there to help people had decided to mark St Valentine’s day by delivering a free breakfast to all the pensioners on Sunday morning. She had come to take our orders for coffee, tea or chocolate to have with a croissant and pain au chocolat and to find out what time we would like to have it.  What a lovely idea!