One of those mornings.

My routine usually consists of feeding the cats, dog and chickens, then doing breakfast and medication for Bear and Whale before sitting down at the computer with my own breakfast  to check my emails and catch up with the day’s news while waiting for the carer to arrive to wash the old codgers. (Both of them during the week but just Whale at weekends.)

This morning things went a bit awry.

It started when Bear decided to get dressed at 25 past 8 and I knew the morning would be disrupted.

Sure enough, after he had had his breakfast he decided to climb over Kica’s bed to take down the Christmas cards upsetting my sewing box in the process and spilling all the pins into her basket. I asked him to stay on guard to keep Kica and the cats out of the way until I could clear up the mess.

Then the carer arrived early so I had to help her and just as we finished I managed to knock over Whale’s glass of water. Of course, it broke into hundreds of pieces in water all over the floor. * (see below)

I had just begun to clear this up when the nurse arrived to change the dressing on Bear’s toe. (He had stubbed it when he fell in the loo a couple of days ago and the chiropodist can’t come until Wednesday. A nail is hanging on by a thread and we have to be very careful to avoid infection as he is diabetic.)

I started on the glass and water and had just about done the worst when the doorbell went. It was the neighbour who had asked me to help him with some translations a few months ago. He came bearing champagne and chocolates and expecting to stay for a coffee. He saw the vacuum cleaner and picked up on the fact that I was a bit frazzled so i managed to curtail his visit by giving him a large slice of Christmas cake to take home and share wirth his wife and daughter.

Then it was picking up pins with a magnet and, finally, things  began to get back to normal.

*Is it just me who finds it odd that Whale keeps a glass with water in it on his table when he has a bottle of Evian there as well? What I mean is, if i want a glass of water i pour it in the glass and drink it straight down and then get on with what I’m doing.  Glasses have been knocked over many times on Whale’s table because it is always being moved backwards and forwards between his bed and his chair – and both CC and I are famous for being clumsy. When i asked him why he couldn’t  put water in his glass when he was thirsty and drink it all up he was quite surprised and said he liked to sip it from time to time. I pointed out that it was more difficult to clear up broken glass together with water but it fell on deaf ears.

4 Responses to “One of those mornings.”

  1. Pontillius Says:

    Never mind Sandy, it’s all part of life’s rich pageant. I bet you were wishing that particular pageant was over and done with for another day.

  2. sablonneuse Says:

    Wow, you were quick to comment Keith! Nice to hear from you and Meilleur Voeux for 2015. Bisous

  3. Z Says:

    Oh dear, I hate it when things go wrong at the start of the day, it seems to set the tone.

  4. me2013 Says:

    Get him a plastic cup or a straw for the bottle 🙂 Only joking.

    Hope things are better now.

    Happy New Year

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