Bear and Birthday

Bear was a sorry sight yesterday. He stayed tucked up in bed refusing to eat, speak or be washed when the carer came. In fact, Gilles wasn’t too bothered as, officially they only have to wash Whale at weekends and bank holidays but, for some reason, yesterday was not considered a day off for nurses and carers.

This morning Bear was still determined to stay in bed, refusing to have breakfast and complaining of feeling sick and hurting everywhere. This time, Gillles was more ready to take charge and to my surprise there was Bear in the bathroom being washed from top to toe and NOT COMPLAINING. Half way through these ablutions  he announced that he wanted to go and have lunch at the local cafe!

OK, I know very well that he can exaggerate but am I too easily taken in? I fell for it yesterday and would have done so today but Gilles proved that he wasn’t as bad as all that.

During lunch, Bear asked “What are the plans for your birthday?”  (I’m turning 70 at the end of the month.)

I explained, not for the first time, that I had invited Marie and Yvette to have lunch at the Romerie as neither of them could be free in the evening and CC and Jay had planned an  “apero dinatoire” – drinks and substantial nibbles -for the evening.

“What time are people coming?” asked Bear.

“About 7”.

“Right, well  as long as they’ve all gone before University Challenge.” was his response.

“Sorry, but you’ll have to watch that later on iplayer”  is the polite version of my reaction.


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