November 11th

Bear was determined that he wanted to go to the memorial ceremony in the village this morning but, unfortunately today is not one of his ‘good’ days so he is still in bed – and snoring loudly.

I decided to go along for a little while but couldn’t stay for the procession to the cemetary or the ‘vin d’honneur’ as the carer is due about 11 o’clock.

This year there were twice as many people there and the local choir sang a rather repeititive and dirgelike piece which was not helped by the chirch clock striking 10 – not once but twice (it’s a rather strange habit in France for the church clocks to strike the hour and then repeat it a minute later.)

The Maire read out the usual message from the government, the children were invited to help her lay the wreath and then she read out the names of the villagers who had died in the two World Wars.

We observed a minute’s silence and then the Marseillaise was played before they all walked down to the cemetary which is still colourful after people put extra flowers on the tombs for Toussaint just over a week ago. I slipped off home at this point but I know they will walk round dipping the flag at the tomb of each soldier’s family and then go back to the mairie for champagne and sugar cake.

November 11th is a Jour ferié (Bank Holiday)  in France so it will be a very quiet day.


2 Responses to “November 11th”

  1. Keith Smith Says:

    Hi Sandy. I’m just off to the ceremony at the local memorial. The weather here doesn’t look to promising so I had better take a brolly.

    Hope you are OK, sorry I don’t comment very often, but I am beginning to lose interest in blogging.

  2. sablonneuse Says:

    Thanks for popping in Keith.
    Hope you are losing interest in blogging because you have other things to do and not because you are feeling low..

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