A C-Nile Moment

Yesterday we finally got around to making the Christmas cakes.

The ingredients had been bought and stored bit by bit – the fruit from England as the variety and price are much better than here in France, the untreated lemons and oranges picked up when they were available  and the black treacle was at the back of the cupboard.

The recipe we always use is on a piece of paper with a list of ingredients with amounts for different sized cake tins. The ‘method sheet’ has long since disappeared.

However, I did remember to soak all the fruit in brandy overnight.

It was my task to assemble all the ingredients in the morning and then CC helped me make them after lunch.

I had measured out the butter and treacle into two bowls.

“Funny” I thought, having perused the list twice “there’s no sugar. I suppose the treacle is sweet enough.”

CC duly creamed the butter and treacle and mixed in the flour (with salt and a generous quantity of spice), eggs (from our chickens) and finally the fruit with lemon and orange zest while I lined three cake tins with three layers of greaseproof paper.

As I was about to put the mixture into the tins CC said, “We didn’t put any sugar in.”

“No, it wasn’t on the list. You look.”

She looked and it was in fact the second item!

We weighed and added the sugar and then I realised I hadn’t put the nuts in.

OK, we only do this once a year but it had come close to disaster.

I tried this puzzle. and was relieved to find that I managed to do it so should have nothing to fear for the time being.

The cakes are in the oven this morning. Let’s hope I don’t forget them . . . . . . . . . .



Just for G-G:

Here’s a photo of one of the cakes. The top looks wet because it’s just been ‘watered’ with brandy. We’ll feed the cakes once a week until the middle of December before decorating.

8 Responses to “A C-Nile Moment”

  1. Keith Smith Says:

    I always buy my cake, so much easier. Well, when there is only me at Christmas I just buy a Sainsbury’s Individual cake.

  2. sablonneuse Says:

    We used to make our own puddings but after a disaster one year CC and Jay buy them when they go to England. We like to make the cake as no-one likes icing so we decorate with marzipan, dried fruit and nuts.

  3. me2013 Says:

    I don’t make Christmas cake any more, I am the only one who likes it now.

    I had a go at the puzzle, I did it so I can’t be that bad either. 🙂

  4. sablonneuse Says:

    Well done Helen!

  5. Z Says:

    I made such a huge cake last year that we never did finish it, the chickens had the last of it! I’ve also nearly missed out a vital ingredient from various things. At least you realised before you put it in the tin, it’s a real nuisance having to spoon it all out again and wash up before reloading!

  6. guyana_gyal Says:

    I hope the cake is a huge success. Please post a photo. Vicarious experience is almost as good as the real thing 🙂

    Psst…at least you didn’t add salt instead of white sugar aaaaaaa

    • sablonneuse Says:

      If my camers is working I’ll take a photo when we ‘water’ the cake with brandy.
      No chance of mistaking salt and sugar for this recipe. It uses dark brown muscavado. Yummy!

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