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Voler en L’air

October 8, 2014

A few weeks ago Isabel, the librarian, celebrated her 50th birthday and Sylvie, one of the English group suggested that we give her a flight in a ‘paramoteur’. (I don’t know what this is called  in Engllsh but it’s two seater machine with a vertical propellor that lifts a parachute enabling it to take off.)

Marie-Claude got a card and asked me how to say “Voler en l’air” in English. I innocently said, “Fly in the air” not realising that it is also an expression for “to have it off” and that’s what they wanted to say! (No idea why this went big and no idea how to change it either!)

Anyway, it was Sunday, a few weeks ago when Kica and I were going for a walk that we bumped into Karine.

“Are you going to the library?” she asked.

It seemed that the weather was just right for a flight and so Isabel had called everyone to go and watch her have her ride. She hadn’t rung me as she thought I was stuck with my two invalids. However, CC was there to help the carer so I said I was free.

Rather than take Kica home, Nadia offered to let her go in the back of her car but there wasn’t room for me as well so I had to go with Sylvie. We drove in convoy to a large field where the machine and it’s owner were waiting.

After the usual interval for greeting and kissing everyone we watched as Isabel put on extra clothes ready for her trip in the clouds. She was strapped in and equipped with a helmet which allowed her to communicate with the pilot. One last chsck on wind speed and direction and he started the motor. The parachute lifted immediately and the little machine took off almost vertically, wobbled a bit and then went higher. However, it didn’t travel far before turning and appearing to come into land. Down it came, lower and lower and then, all of a sudden it shot up into the air again. I was hoping Isabel had a strong stomach!

This time they were really off and disappeared from view. Everyone took to chatting but as Kica had been deprived of her walk I took her round the field. It was open to the road on one side so I dare no let her off the lead.

Eventually we saw them coming back and it took two attempts before they landed   –  relatively smoothly.

We all gathered round to see how Isabel felt and she was exhilarated; not at all anxious, even when it was rough going.

Then it was champagne and Gateau Mollet (a very light yeast cake) before we climbed back into the cars and returned to the library.

They handed out flyers to advertise the flights and I brought one home but I just hope it doesn’t give my family any ideas for my 70th birthday whi__ch is coming up next month. . . . . . . . . . . .