French Justice

Several people I know have been going through divorces recently but the case that really shocked me concerned one of our home nurses.

She was married to a younger chap for about 20 years and he often went off with other women until he finally decided he would leave her and ask for a divorce.  He asked her if it could be an ‘amical divorce’ and before seeking advice she agreed.

Now, despite the fact that she was the wronged party she has to pay him 500 euros a month as well as sell the house (that she bought and is paying for)  and give him half of the ;proceeds. This is because she works fulltime and he’s a lazy so-and-so who doesn’t work. However, he has moved in with his new partner who is quite well off.

It seems there’s no room for common sense in a French divorce case!

Friends tell me that French legal system moves slowly but it was well over a year ago when Florence and Pascal were heartbroken because their son’s partner suddenly decided that they couldn’t see their grandson. There was no good reason. She just didn’t like the fact that they bought him toys to play with when he went round their house. Their son didn’t have the guts to stand up to her and so they had to take it to court.

I willingly wrote a letter in support as it was obvious how much they adored their only grandson  and thoroughly enjoyed spoiling him and playing with him.  But the months went by before it came to a preliminary hearing and the son and his girlfriend didn’t even bother to turn up. Pascal and Florence ‘won’ but still didn’t have the right to see the little boy until it went before another judge.

Meanwhile they had to content themselves with saying hello to him through the school fence..

Then, yesterday I had a call from Pascal. It has been finalised at last and they can see him one weekend a month and for a week during the school holidays.

Let’s hope the parents don’t make life difficult. Heaven knows how long it would take if they had to fight through the courts again.


11 Responses to “French Justice”

  1. vagabonde Says:

    I think the law is erratic in all countries. My husband’s nephew got a divorce a few years ago – they had decided for him to stay home with the kids because his wife was getting an extra degree. Then he stayed home because she had to get started into her career. He took the kids to school, kept house, cleaned, cooked. When she finally got a good job she got a divorce saying that he had been lazy and stayed at home, not mentioning that he had helped her get through school! She got the house and kept all her money and he had to go back living with his mother! The judge listened to all her lies unfortunately, and this is US justice.

  2. me2013 Says:

    It makes a change for the man to come out of it better off. When I got divorced we split everything fairly, (my husband then was violent). We each kept what we had brought to the relationship and divided everything else. The only maintenance payments for for my son, which he never paid anyway. That’s the way I wanted it. when my now hubby got is divorce, (she was playing away), he lost everything and I mean everything. She kept the house. car, kids, bank accounts, holiday home, even his music decks that were a present from his mom and dad for one of his birthdays, and maintenance, he walked away with one suit case of clothes and a shoe box of bits and bobs. She had a long term boyfriend who she married the day her youngest child turned 17 because that was the day the maintenance was due to stop being paid.

  3. me2013 Says:

    Sorry there are a lot of spelling mistakes in that one, I didn’t have my glasses on. 😀

  4. Keith Smith Says:

    In 1961 I left the Army and bought a house for cash. I furnished that house right down to the last teaspoon. Then I met the wife to be and we were together for 36 years until she met a much younger man and left me to live with him. Several months later I received the divorce papers, she was suing on the grounds of “mental cruelty” because she couldn’t think of any other reason. I had never had an affair, left her, used physical violence towards her, in fact I tried to be a good husband.

    When the divorce came to court instead of getting half the proceeds of selling the house and contents and half the money in the joint account the judge awarded her the house and contents, my car, two thirds of our savings because he said “I will not put a woman on the streets because she cannot survive as well as a man, but a man can”. So I came out with of that marriage with the contents of two suitcases (my personal belongings and clothes) and nowhere to go! So much for British justice, I tried to appeal, but lost that case as well. The day after the divorce her new man friend moved into MY house.

    • sablonneuse Says:

      It’s not surprising that experience left you feeling very bitter, Keith. The law is certainly an ass!

  5. Keith Smith Says:

    Helen, you will be pleased to know that I put a curse on him, and a year later he died. Wicca works!

  6. Glennis Gifkins Says:

    Life is just not fair, my sister ran into a similar event when her partner decided to leave her and made her sell her house to give him half when he didnt contribute anything towards the house. The law is often wrong.

  7. sablonneuse Says:

    Hello Glennis, and welcome. Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment.

  8. guyana_gyal Says:

    I didn’t realise HOW unfair people can be when a relationship ends until it happened to my cousin. It was shocking.

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