Weekend without Visitors

As mentioned in the previous post the visitors I was looking forward to seeing couldn’t come this weekend.

Unfortunately I had asked one of the local hunters if he would sell me something from his freezer and it was too late to cancel the request.

Nevermind, I thought I could keep it in my freezer but he had thawed it  and there was a vast quantitiy: two legs and two shoulders. It was a mixture of venison and boar but once I got it home I didn’t know which was which. Yesterday I cooked the two leg joints and I would guess that we had the boar last night and the venison, reheated in the gravy, for lunch today.

I cooked the two shoulders slowly in the oven this morning after marinating them in red wine overnight. Not sure what I’ll do with them tomorrow. Considering Bear and Whale’s tastes it coud be a version of Cottage Pie!

As I had time on my hands I decided to pick some plums and mirabelles to make jam. This is the first year that the mirabelle tree has produced a good quantity of fruit. Last yearI I counted all of six but this year the branches are heaving. Lots have already fallen and the chickens have been pecking at them and some are beginning to rot. The traditional method of harvesting them – put a sheet on the ground and shake the tree – doesn’t seem very practical in a chicken run where they could walk all over the fruit and even poo on it.

Even picking by hand has it’s hazards as Molly thinks she’s a parrot and often climbs onto my shoulder. She was sitting there during the plum picking and then I smelled an awful smell and found she had poohed  down my back.

There are two plum trees .but i don’t recognise the varieties. One produces cherry sized plums which are meant for jam or ‘gouttes’ (home-made fruit spirit) and the other produces two kinds:- elongated purple plums which remain rock hard and small, round red ones, again for jam and gouttes.

I picked about 6 kilos and after hours of stoning and stirring there are only ten pots of jam to show for it.



2 Responses to “Weekend without Visitors”

  1. me2013 Says:

    What are mirabelles?

  2. sablonneuse Says:

    Mirabelles are small, yellow plums used for jam and eau de vie or cooked in tarts.

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