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This and That

August 18, 2014

Today’s post is rather ‘bitty’ so here goes with a mishmash of news.

Pascal and Florence have just been round to thank me for feeding Timon (actually spelled Thymon), take back their key and leave presents – a bottle of Reisling and 6 hock glasses. They also brought a chilled bottle of Crement d’Alsace to share there and then so we had a pleasant chat over a glass of fizz. It seems that Thymon had sulked at first but soon appreciated his cuddles again.

I spent the morning cleaning the conservatory and also cleaning and disinfecting the cage that housed Briony and her babies as I have moved them into the greenhouse. They were getting a bit cramped and Briony had begun to show her frustration by pecking at the chicks. Her mood changed completely once they had settled into their new home. She was showing them how to scratch for insects and make dustbaths but, unfortunately their activities have flattened quite a lot of the sage. It smells nice though! If it turns hot again I’ll have to find them another place to live so I’m hoping we don’t have the promised Indian Summer…


It’s intriguing that when I look at my stats I find that the most popular post has been  Suppository for a Sore throat – goodness knows why, but it crops up day after day. Second in popularity is French funeral. Nothing else seems to attract attention.

Yesterday our nurse was supposed to come early to give Whale a Normacol (enema) but she didn’t arrive. It is most unlike her to forget so I guessed something was wrong. She rang me later that morning to say her brother had had an accident and had been taken to Reims . He was paralysed because the vertebrae in his neck were compressed so it was quite a delicate operation

This morning I asked Vero, Julie’s partner  who had taken over her round, how it had happened.

 “He dived into the swimming pool in the shallow end,” she said. “He had been told not to but he knew best!”

At present they don’t know the prognosis but Vero, who always seems to look on the black side, announced that he could spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. He may have been an idiot but I hope she’s wrong!

My first ever boyfriend, whom I found again via Friends Reunited a few years ago was planning to come and visit us next weekend.. He has been before, once on his own and once with his girlfriend (he’s widowed) but he phoned yesterday to say he had had to go to Casualty because he couldn’t pee. He had a biopsy last Thursday and they warned him the prostate might swell but he didn’t expect the agony of not being able to pass water. He is now fitted with a catheter  until the hospital call him in to check whether or not he can manage without it so if he’s not back to normal by Friday he will be staying at home. Oh dear.