My menagerie

BeatlenestBeattie is broody again. Her last chicks are now four months old and living happily with the flock but they sleep in their own coop. I really don’t need any more babies but Beattie just has two eggs left (having broken the rest!) so I’ll leave her for another week or so  to see if they hatch.

Also in the conservatory we have Briony and her chicks.  Biscuit was born with her legs splayed so that she couldn’t walk but she’s fine now and has developed into a pretty chicken with colourings like her mum.

prettybiscuitBehind her is Froh who seems more Maran like his dad, Hector.

Fricka and Freya also seem to have more Maran genes so I hope they are all girls as Marans lay nice brown eggs.


Not to be outdone in the nest department, Willow has taken to making herself comfortable on the duvet from Whale’s bed. He has found it too hot recently so it has been left in the library.

Willow will be most upset when he wants it back.

Willows nest



Last but not least in animal news, Kica went for her haircut  on Thursday and so now looks really beautiful and smells a lot fresher as well. The chap sprays her with doggy perfume when he has finished!

He said her fur was thicker than ever this time so she will certainly notice the difference and, yes, she is a bit livlier now.




2 Responses to “My menagerie”

  1. Keith Says:

    It looks like you are becoming a private zoo keeper what with chickens, cats, dogs and even a whale and a bear to look after !

  2. sablonneuse Says:

    Yes, you’re right, and Whale and Bear are more trouble than all the rest put together!

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