Feeding Timon

Friends in the next road, Florence and Pascal have asked me to feed their cat while they’re away next week so I went to meet Timon and get instructions and the key on Friday evening.
He is a gorgeous tabby cat, very affectionate and cuddly but when Florence handed me the instructions I was amazed.
He has TWO or THREE sachets of Felix in the morning, plus biscuits: one or two sachets at 5 0’clock and one or two again at 9p.m.

My FIVE cats eat six to eight sachets a day between them – but (like Timon) they do have catbiscuits available all day long.

You would think Timon was fat but he’s no bigger than my cats so I asked Florence and Pascal if he invited all the neighbourhood cats in for a party while they’re at work!


4 Responses to “Feeding Timon”

  1. me2013 Says:

    😀 Perhaps he does a lot of chasing other animals, or he is one of those lucky b***ers who can eat what they like.

    • sablonneuse Says:

      Hello and thanks for your comment. perhaps we should fit Timon with a camera to see what he gets up to at night!

  2. Keith Says:

    With all that food inside of him I should think he sleeps the sleep of the dead all night.

  3. sablonneuse Says:

    According to Florence and Pascal he spends his nights hunting.

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