A Girlie Lunch

CC and I tried out a new place for lunch a couple of months ago and had mixed feelings.

I had seen a flyer in the Mairie for Le Chat a deux Tetes in a neighbouring village and was intrigued. They advertised gites, chanbres d’hote, bar and restaurant and an art gallery.

We looked round the gallery (cost 1 euro each) but it wasn’t my cup of tea. A rather poor imitation of Picasso’s style with lots of purple or bright green bottoms – yuk!

Lunch was rather better but the vegetables (fresh garden produce) were luke warm and dessert was a strange cooked (but cold) fruit salad served in a plastic beaker. I also managed to find four whole star anises in mine!

The poor lady, who did everything herself – cooking, serving and clearing away – was rather stressed because a table of workmen objected to Timothy the cat being around. Well, we were eating outside and cats tend to wander in the garden.

The owner tried to persuade him to stay indoors but as she had to go in and out it was a losing battle.

We thought it was well worth a second visit though and invited Yvette and Lulu for a girls’ outing this week.

We ate outside and were the only ones there. The owner was much more relaxed and was laughing and joking with us this time. However, she did have to tell us the sad news that Timothy had died since our last visit. He was 15 years old and they had found a tumour. On a more optimistic note, Lulu (yes, one of the other cats is called Lulu) is pregnant and she is hoping the father is the rather handsome tabby and white cat who pops in from time to time.

The food was excellent; oeuf en gelée, roast pork with peas, carrots and potatoes and an interesting pear and chocolate dessert served with blueberry jam, cherry coulis and icecream flavoured with rosewater. We shared a bottle of rosé wine which was very reasonably priced.

Afterwards we all had coffee except Lulu, who asked for tea. She was presented with a dish of different flavoured teas packed in little pyramids. They even had Lapsang Souchong and Rooibos which she had never heard of. I recommended the latter, as Chinese tea is a bit of an acquired taste, and she really enjoyed it. It came in an interesting flat Japanese teapot and there was enough for the rest of us to try some after rinsing out our coffee cups.

We passed a pleasant couple of hours or so with Lulu doing most of the talking. Yvette admitted afterwards that she tends to be shy with people she has only just met so I’m not sure whether to invite them together again or not.

Anyway, we’ll definitely be going back to the Chat a deux Tetes.

5 Responses to “A Girlie Lunch”

  1. me2013 Says:

    Hello, I have just found you again. I shall now be popping by to read your blog.


    (From helens world, years ago, I have a new blog now) ❤

  2. vagabonde Says:

    What an interesting name for a restaurant. The meal sounds good but I am not sure about the dessert. I like pears and chocolate as in Poire Helene, but with blueberry? I would hesitate.

  3. sablonneuse Says:

    That’s true, it was an unusual combination and you felt you wanted to taste the flavours seperately. But, as Lulu said, I’m gourmande so I’d eat it again!

  4. Keith Smith Says:

    That sounds like a nice place with a personal touch. Places like that in England now are very few and far between. The owner of a little cafe in our town is very brusque with customers and you get the feeling that you are a nuisance, and the sooner you are gone the better. Needless to say I don’t go in there anymore.

    • sablonneuse Says:

      The lady was still smiling after over two hours but then, the French are more used to lingering over lunch aren’t they?

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