Priorité a droite

The priorité a droite rule is the most illogical driving regulation I have ever met.

Who but the French would find it completely normal that you can be driving along a relatively main road and a car can come whizzing out from a turning on your right and you have to give way?

According to the French HIghway Code which I have recently been trying to learn with CC you should change down to second gear when approaching a side road that has priority in case someone wants to come out in front of you. How mad is that?

In our village, this rule applies to all unmarked roads. Unfortunately our road has a thick white line where it meets the ‘main’ road so we have to stop. The next road, on the other hand, has priority so we have to slow down and look carefully to see if anything is coming.

I’m just about used to slowing down in all the appropriate places but actually driving out in front of oncoming traffic still goes against all my instincts. On Tuesday, I was driving back from the road which has priority. I stopped at the main road. A white van and several cars behind him also stopped. Suddenly the penny dropped.” Oh God, I have the right of way. BUT, as I’ve stopped, do I lose the right and suppose we both move off at the same time.. . .”

The patient white van driver waved me on and I drove out in front of him.

Will I ever have the confidence to drive out of a road without even looking to see if anything is coming like the French do?

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