The calm before the storm

Of course, after several days of heatwave, we have the inevitable ‘Alerte Orange’ for heavy rain, storms and hail due to start this evening.

Remembering the July when CC and I were caught outside in a hailstorm I have taken precautions in good time.

All the cats are indoors and curled up in their favourite armchairs; the chickens are safely shut in their coops – which have been protected with tarpaulins held down by heavy slabs and stones – and Kica has had her toilet trip in the garden.

All is peaceful in the house.

Bear has fallen asleep in front of the TV. He wants to watch the Tour de France but it has a soporific effect on him.

Whale is having an afternoon doze and Fay and CC are upstairs in their rooms reading or writing.

That leaves me with time on my hands; hence another post.


5 Responses to “The calm before the storm”

  1. Z Says:

    We have had several downpours after really hot weather this month, really torrential rain. The sun is out now and it’s very humid, might have thunder again tonight.

  2. sablonneuse Says:

    Would you believe the threatened hailstorm never materialised but it’s still horribly humid even if slightly cooler.

  3. Pontillius Says:

    Hi Sandy, I haven’t visited for a while and now I see lots of posts that I have to catch up! Thought you had gone away again, but I was mistaken.

  4. sablonneuse Says:

    Nice to ‘see’ you Keith. I’m afraid my posts are a bit like a number 27 bus: don’t see one for ages and then two or three come along at once!
    But it looks as though you have given up again.
    What a shame!

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