Milk and Butter

One of the advantages of living in a rural setting is that one of the local farmers sells milk direct -straight from cow to you.
The system is that you leave your bottle on the windowledge at the farmhouse and pick it up after the evening milking. Once a week I leave the money (3 euros 50 for 7 litres) on the windowledge with the empty bottle.

The only problem is that milking times can vary and in the recent hot weather I try to collect the milk as soon as possible. The day before yesterday they were running late so I had to go to the farm (a bit further down the road) where I found Monsieur J. just about to fill the bottles.

Yesterday I left it a bit later only to find that the milk must have been sitting there for some time as it was considerably warmer than ‘cow temperature’.

We normally use the milk raw but I felt it wise to boil it this time.

As for butter, we can buy it from a farm in the next village. The difference in taste is remarkable and at 4 euros for 500 grams it compares favourably with supermarket brands.

If only I could get my act together and grow my own veg!

2 Responses to “Milk and Butter”

  1. Z Says:

    How lovely – and what a reasonable price! We’re lucky enough to be able to buy raw milk from a local farm, but we have to fetch it. It has been chilled, though – I agree with you, raw milk that has been standing in the sun is a recipe for disaster. We also still have the milkman call three days a week, I feel we have to support him too.

    I was very upset when rabbits got into my kitchen garden and ate a lot of my veg this year, but since I’m now the only one eating them, it’s just as well – I’ve got chard, spinach, broad beans and courgettes at present, with runner beans to come and cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse – quite enough to keep me going.

  2. sablonneuse Says:

    As far as I know milk has never been delivered in France and nearly all the milk you see in the shops is UHT (ugh!).
    Many years ago when I organised a short trip to France I remember warning the children that they probably wouldn’t like the milk so better not take the cereal. Some did – and regretted it!
    Your veggie garden sounds great.
    It wasn’t rabbits that discouraged me but slugs, weeds and ratlike creatures – not to mention the caterpillars living in the cauliflowers and broccoli..

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