Bear: “What did you say you were doing this morning – Judo?”

Me: ” No, Yoga”.

B: “Uh, I knew it had four letters. Where did you do it?”

M: “In the Parish Hall”

B: “Where’s that?”

M: “Next to the presbytery”.

B: “What, is it organised by the church?”

M: “No, Isabelle arranged it”.

B: “Oh, the librarian. Did she take the class?”

M: “No, Jean-Paul did?”

B: “Jean-Paul?”

M: “Yes, the priest.”

B: “What! What were you wearing?”

Having been reassured that we were all properly attired the conversation turned to other things.

One Response to “Yoga”

  1. Z Says:

    “I knew it had four letters” – brilliant!

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