More babies


Beattie’s babies are now holding their own with the flock although they still get chased away from the  food sometimes so I give them their share inside their coop where the door is only open wide enough for them to get in.

In this picture you can see Sorcha, Sasha and Sally (the white ones) and Milly (black with brown neck feathers). The bottom belongs to either Molly or Mandy who are very difficult to tell apart now that they are about the same size.

Beattie is back to her habit of flying over the fence to escape the attentions of the cockerels. She comes indoors whenever she can but it causes havoc when she upets the catfood and leaves her visitng cards on the floor. I can’t risk her upsetting Briony now that her babies are hatching.


Briony made herself a nest outside and there were 14 eggs in it by the time I discovered where she was hiding. Fortunately there hadn’t been any rain because she was at the bottom of a slope and her nest would have been flooded. I brought her indoors with 12 of her eggs but two were cracked.

As time passed she rejected more eggs until there were only seven.

Two have hatched:


Briony is a proud mum at last and the daddy is Hector, my lovely Maran cockerel.


Sorry this is not a good photo as you can only see his head. On the right is Harriet and in the corner it’s one of the Maran hens but I can’t see which one. At the top you can see Ruby, one of Briony’s last brood, born in March but I had to buy chicks as none of her own hatched that time.

Hector has just one daughter in the flock – Hermione, born to Henrietta last year – so I’m delighted to have some more truly homespun chicks.


Update: at 5p.m. I found another empty shell but I haven’t seen the third chick as yet.


3 Responses to “More babies”

  1. Z Says:

    Adorable. I’m ruthlessly taking away all the eggs this year – with 29 chickens and a cockerel, I just don’t want any more!

  2. sablonneuse Says:

    In fact. Briony has four chicks: three Maran (or half maran) called Fricka, Freya and Froh and a little white one, Biscuit, who hatched with a deforemed leg but now walks prefectly well.
    I hate ot admit it but Beattie and Henrietta are both broody and sitting in boxes in the conservatory.
    I think I’ll have to take a leaf out of your book, Zoe!

  3. me2013 Says:

    ooooh they are so cute

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