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General News Update

June 11, 2014

It has to be said that life doesn’t change much and so there isn’t  any really exciting news to report.

However, for those of you who are still reading after that  introduction I can tell you that Bear had his 87th birthday on Monday and he is still depressed about it.  I had hoped to take him out for lunch but, despite it being a Bank Holiday in France all the local eating places were closed. We went on Tuesday instead but he was still pretty miserable. . . . . .

To my relief both Hilda and Henrietta have abandoed the idea of being mother hens. Their clutch of eggs slowly diminished until they deserted the last two muddy eggs, partly buried in what’s left of their nest. I can see them but I can’t get to them. Hope they don’t smell too bad if they break.

The storms seem to have played havoc with the remote controls and phones in our house. Both controls for the TV and satellite box stopped working on the same day and replacing the batteries didn’t make any difference. We managed with the manual buttons but it was very dificult to see the labels so I ordered new ones. Eventually the replacement TV remote arrived. Then, guess what; the old remotes started working again. Thanks to the Bank holiday (and the fact that the place where I had ordered the other remote seemed to be closed for a long weekend)  I was able to cancel that order and was promptly refunded the 50 euros I’d paid.

The phone refused to let us make calls. No matter what number we dialled a French recorded message informed us that it was unobtainable. We don’t pay France Telecom for the line rental as we have a combined subscription which includes unlimited calls to several countires including the UK and USA so I rang our provider to report the problem. It seems the storms had  affected the phones and France Telecom were doing their best to rectify the matter.. No-one else in the village seemed to have been affected but I’m pleased to say that our line is working again today.

Usually I’m more than happy to be ‘stuck’ in France but I have to say I wish I could get to Z’s party on Saturday. It would be lovely to meet some blogger friends in person. Anyway, I’m hoping she will give a full account of it afterwards – maybe some photos as well and I hope everyone has a great time.