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A Travel Nightmare

May 17, 2014

My sister and her husband come and stay with us for a few days every year but last week their journeys were fraught with problems.

They decided to break the outward trip and stay a night in Calais so that they could be here by lunchtime on Monday.

During the morning I had a text from W saying that R had locked the keys in the car.. The people at the hotel had tried to find a solution but as it is a new, all singing all dancing, model (a company car) no garage would even agree to look at it (with no guarantee of opening it) for less than 300 euros. If you try to break into these new ‘ technologocally advanced’¬† vehicles, apparently, they would become immobilised.

The only thing for it was for R to take the ferry back to Dover and meet his son who had to drive down from Norfolk after work with a spare set of keys. The ferry company would not allow him to come back on the night boat as a foot passenger (!!!) so he had to wait for the 8.35 crossing on Tuesday. He booked a night at the nearest Premier Inn while W stayed another night in Calais. She couldn’t go back to England as they had their dog with them and dogs are not allowed into the country without a veterinary certificate signed between 24 and 48 hours before travelling.

Well, they finally got here on Tuesday afternoon and we had a pleasant – if rather quiet – time together.

They left on Friday morning and messaged to say they had arrived at Calais in good time and were in the queue for an earler train.

However, later that day when I received a message, instead of saying ‘we’re home’ it said they were held up in a 2 hour tailback following an accident. They didn’t get back until 8.30 that evening and had to stop by a MacDonalds as they hadn’t eaten since breakfast.

I do hope it hasn’t put them off coming again.

News Update

May 17, 2014

Well, Bear saw the surgeon about his back and the news isn’t good.

He is too old to be operated on considering all his other medical problems and, to cut a long story short, the surgeon says he will gradually get worse and less and less mobile until he blocks  up completely.

He is understandably depressed.

The new physio we have found is very good. He comes in every day during the week and massages Bear’s painful joints. Then he supervises a walk for as far as he can manage.

As for Whale, he has a rather delicate problem. A hole has appeared at the base of his (I’m not writing the word because I don’t want to attract unwanted visits via Google).

Our GP, the nurses and carers are all intrigued but when he saw a urologist at the hospital, all he could suggest was that the nurses disinfect it daily. He says if he sewed it up it would probably reappear. . . . . . . .