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Update on Bear

April 12, 2014

Since Christmas Bear has been getting more and more immobile, complaining that his feet felt like lead and were too heavy to move.

However, our doctor, who is used to him exaggerating, didn’t really react until it got to the stage where he needed to  use Whale’s old  wheelchair  to get about the house.

She sent him for an MRI  and they found herniated discs as well as the degenerative arthritis we already knew about.

The GP sent him to see the pain specialist who has been looking after him to see if she thought an operation would help. She didn’t think it was a good idea but put him in hospital for a week to see if there were any other possibilities.

They couldn’t come up with anything so he has an appointmeny to see the surgeon in May. He also has an appointment to see another surgeon about the stones they found in his bile duct while doing an ultrasound to check his kidneys.

On the positive side, the hospital has arranged for him to have a ‘medical bed’ and to be washed during the week by the same carers who come for Whale. He is not happy about being washed thoroughly nearly every day but he’s much nicer to be near.