Snow White


Z has just written a post about her experience in a school play here

It reminded me of school plays when I was at school and so I thought I’d tell you what happened.

Every Friday afternoon we were put into groups and allowed to perform plays. My normally reticent personality blossomed at these opportunities and I unashamedly took control.  Every so often the plays were honed into performances for parents. I remember the time when our group chose Snow White and naturally I played the leading role as well as organising everyone else.

The big day arrived  and my mum proudly told the lady next to her that her little girl was starring in the next play.

BUT:  there were one or two drawbacks.

Firstly, I had just started wearing glasses and secondly, I had just lost a front tooth and lastly  the teacher helping us get dressed up was rather aesthetically challenged.

She had plonked my paper crown over my head till it almost came down to glasses level and had pushed my hair back behind my ears. Of course, I never saw the result as even if she’d had a camera my mother would NOT have taken a picture.

The final humiliation  for her was when, completely ignorant of my bizarre appearance, I proudly stepped forward to introduce myself, proclaiming with a marked lisp:

I am Thnow White.

My mother said she wanted the floor to swallow her up.

Of course I knew nothing of this until years later and was quite happy with the performance at the time.

But was it because of this that I had a complete change of heart by the time I went to Grammar school? As a teenager I would  have died rather than take part in a school play. However, I enjoyed being behind the scenes and was often trusted to be in charge of the lighting.

There was just one episode on the stage when I was in my thirties and pianist for a dancing school. They were using canned music so I was asked to be a fairy in Sleeping Beauty.

The adult class were taking the parts of the fairies offering their gifts and they needed an extra one. I can remember the lines to this day:

For this princess I have a plot,

A piece of ground, a lovely spot.

Aw no, I’m not just being funny,

They say as where there’s muck there’s money.

This ground is hers to cultivate

And turn into a huge estate.

Any road, tha’s what I’ve planned,

Because, you see, I’m Fairy Land!

The producer wanted this delivered with a Yorkshire accent. I wore a white chiffony dress , wellington boots and a floppy hat. My wand was a spade!

Strange to say I enjoyed it but wouldn’t do it again!

5 Responses to “Snow White”

  1. guyana_gyal Says:

    From a lithping Thnow White to Thleeping Beauty in booths with a thpade…how can you not want to repeat thith ethperienth? Oh, how I’m laughing, thorry 🙂

  2. sablonneuse Says:

    Don’t be sorry for laughing, G-G. My mother eventually managed to laugh about Thnow White and my children still laugh about Sleeoing Beauty.

  3. Keith Says:

    Yorkshire accent? You didn’t say “Thars nowt wrong wi reet folks tha knows”, did you?

  4. sablonneuse Says:

    No, I’m not even sure that my accent ressembled a true Yorkshire one. All I know is that it wasn’t a Norfolk accent so the audience thought it was forrun. (foreign).

  5. vagabonde Says:

    I really enjoyed reading about you playing Snow White – your mother might have been embarrassed but you sounded so sweet. I remember some plays when I was a child. Once I was an Alsacienne, I don’t remember the play but I remember the costume (maybe because I have a black and white picture of it.) As a teenager I was a cowgirl in a play called “Jim et ses cowboys.” I did not know at the time that I would come to the US and my husband’s name is Jim.

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