Kica comes to work with me

Kica has developped much more confidence since she came to live with us but she does get anxious when I go away for the whole day on Mondays.Everyone  tells me how she has cried, beaten the garage door open and scratched at the front door  all day long.

Term started today and so I decided to take her with me to teach English in Charleville.  Usually Jay drives me into town but he doesn’t like the idea of a dog in his car so I said I’d take the old Citroen and drive in myself.

A decision I regretted slightly as it was pouring with rain and darker than ever at 8 this morning. I don’t like driving in these conditions  at all!

Just as I was about to leave there was a curse from the bedroom. Bear had dropped a glass and a  cup of coffee so I had to do a hurried clean-up. He couldn’t help it but it was bad timing.

Eventually Kica and I set off and I have to admit I was tooted a couple of times for going rather slowly as I wasn’t too sure where to turn off but we arrived and I parked some way away from the place where we have the classes because I dread having to park ‘en creneau’ (backing in between two parked cars) and will only attempt en epi or en bataille (driving nose in either straight or at an angle).

Of course, it was still raining and Kica and I got pretty wet walking to our destination.

She was intrigued  by her new surroundings but panicked a bit when I left her to go outside to open the shutters. However she soon settled down quietly and didn’t make a sound when my students started to arrive. Most of them accepted her presence willingly but there were two people who made it clear they didn’t like dogs.

Kica spent the morning at my feet or under the long table. At home she knows how to ask to go into the garden for a wee but as she was in a strange place I took her out for a little walk after a couple of hours – to no avail.

At lunchtime  the rain had eased off and I thought we’d better go out before eating  so we went for a walk by the river and she duly performed. The path was strewn with  dog poo despite the fact that there was a special area nearby. Kica didn’t want to use it though, but I always carry a supply of black plastic bags (provided free by our Mairie)  as I think it’s very impolite not to clear up after your dog.

We went back and I gave her her lunch but she ignored it and prefered to share my sandwiches.

The lunchbreak is two hours so we had time for another walk (also rainfree)  before the last two sessions.

We finished at 4 o’clock and Kica seemed pleased to go back to the car for the ride home.

When we arrived she went straight out into the garden, came back and scoffed her food and has been fast asleep in her bed ever since.

Anyone would think she had done a day’s work.



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