Belinda’s story

Beattie and barbaraSorry,I don’t have a photo of Belinda but she looks a bit like Briony (foreground). It’s Beattie behind her; she’s the only speckled bantam.

If you read the previous -post you’ll know that Belinda hatched five chicks and looked after them admirably. The only problem was that she insisted on  tearing up the newspaper at the bottom of the cage and  filling the drinker with it so I had to keep replenishing the water.

When I cleaned  them out i set Mother and babies loose in the conservatory and they enjoyed spreading their wings and exploring. At first they all kept close together but they gradually became more independent.

When Belinda  started laying again and her brood had grown almost as big as she was (they were full sized chickens) I tried reintroducing Belinda to her friends back in the garden but they were cruel to her.

Bertie was the worst; he really attacked her and Beattie and Briony joined in.

She stuck it out for two days and then I brought her back to be with her babies.

A week or so later I tried putting her with the ‘big’ ones but she was traumatised  so i brought a poor trembling Belinda back indoors.

The only soluton seemed to be that the bantams should be persuaded to share the big chicken house with the others. so that  Belinda and her family cold have the small house.

large house

The large house has room for twelve chickens  and the run is enclosed with a tarpaulin in an attempt to offer protection from the wind and rain. It has blown off three times already and each time I’ve piled on more slabs so fingers crossed it stays in place during the next gale!

There were some nights when i managed to get everyone inside at bedtime and there weren’t too many altercations but sometimes I had to give in and allow Bertie  and one or two of the girls to go back their small house.

So maybe I should give away the bantams.

There was an advert online by a man asking for any birds or animals for a ‘ferme pedagogique’. I rang him on December 23rd and he said he’d come the next day.

The 24th dawned with gale force winds and heavy rain. I got soaked going to let the chickens out  and feed them and there was no way I was going to hang around trying to keep the bantams shut in one of the henhouses.




They have this weatherproof shelter where they spent a great deal of time  when it’s  wet, windy or snowing.




Despite the dreadful weather, however, the man phoned and said he was in Charleville  (he came from a town about 40 miles away) and asked for directions to our village.

It was still raining heavily when he arrived and there was no way we could go and chase chickens when they were all roaming free. If they hid in the shelter I for one, can’t get through the door!

So, the only thing I could think of was to let him take Belinda and her chicks.

He explained that he had moved to a place with huge barns and lots of land and they would be inroduced to the chickens and ducks  he already had – plus a pony and some sheep. He certanly wasn’t planning to eat any of them.

I was really sad to see them go but I hope Belinda and he babies will be happy in their new home.


3 Responses to “Belinda’s story”

  1. Z Says:

    I remember my mother-in-law’s chickens bullying any hen that had been away caring for her chicks for a few weeks. Fortunately, ours are pretty good natured with each other and re-integration doesn’t take long.

  2. Pontillius Says:

    What a surprise! I’m flabbergasted! I thought you would never return, I just discovered you on Pats site and saw you were back. Everyone who dropped out of blogging have returned (except Zoe), and I just decided to pack it all in because of the lack of interest.

    In case you don’t remember me and don’t recognise the logo, it is I, monsieur Keith. Sorry, it is late here and I’m just off to bed. I’ll read your latest posts in the morning. . . . .Bonne nuit.

  3. sablonneuse Says:

    Z: Hilda and Henrietta had no problems when they went back so i was very upset when Belinda had such a bad reception.

    Keith: I’m delighted to hear from you and have sent an email since you really have stopped blogging for good . . . . ?

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