New Family Member

Kica2       Meet Kica (left) who came to live with us in February last year. She was rescued from an awful refuge in Serbia where the dogs    were half-starved and kept in  terrible conditions. She had lived there all her life as she was taken there as a puppy with her mother who died.

The Association Mukitza rescues dogs from eastern Europe  and Kica was brought to France to stay with a foster family near Reims. She was traumatised and ill from an untreated gum infection. She lost most of her teeth and underwent several operations to try to close the holes in her palate caused by the infection.

I found her on the internet and fell in love immediately. She reminded me of the dog my grandparents had when I was small. His name was Jack and he used to guard me and play with me in the garden.

The family were not too keen on the idea of adopting a dog but last year we lost two cats, Toby and Pepper, and  it left a huge hole in our lives. Another cat couldn’t replace them and anyway,  the other cats are too old now to accept a new adult  feline while we are too old to take on a kitten.

Jay and CC took me to Reims to meet Kica and her foster family last January. She was nervous but adorable. They explained all her problems and were over the moon when I said I was still interested. A trial was arranged so that she could come and meet the cats and see how everyone got along.

It took a few weeks but the cats eventually realised that Kica wouldn’t hurt them, despite her size and Kica began to look as though she was at ease with all of us. We were supposed to take her back before she had another operation  but illness in the foster family meant that we kept her and took her to the veterinary hospital ourselves.  The people from the Association came to inspect us while Kica was with us and we met with their approval. Despite the fact that the operation wasn’t successful they allowed me to adopt her.

She has been with us for nearly a year now and has the confidence to give a warning bark when anyone comes to the door. She has put on weight (perhaps a bit too much!) and so a New Year Resolution for both if us is to walk more!!



One Response to “New Family Member”

  1. Z Says:

    How lovely to hear from you again. I think that your pets find you, sometimes when you’re not looking. Hope things are well otherwise.

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