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A Fresh Start?

January 3, 2012

Should I – shouldn’t I?  That is the question.

Oh well, lets give it a go again. At least the ‘new post’ page looks a bit more like it used to and there is even a button to publish at the bottom.

2011 was a strange year: there didn’t seem to be time to do anything yet not much seemed to get done -and didn’t it fly by?

December was a sad time because our dear friend, Michel, died on the 6th and I found myself playing  for his funeral because he didn’t like CDs played in church and wanted to ‘hear HIS harmonium’. Marie is being very brave and  fortunately she has many friends and neighbours besides us who are looking after her.

Christmas and New Year were cheered up by our friend from America, Adrianna, who came to stay provided we let her do most of the cooking. That was an offer I couldn’t refuse!

We had turkey AND boar on Christmas day, capon on Boxing Day,  salmon AND monkfish on New Year’s Eve (with the left overs the next day). Whale requested beef stew for his 8oth birthday on December 28th and then we had venison last night as a finale before Jay and CC took Adrianna to Paris for a final ‘fling’ before her flight back on Thursday.

Meanwhile the plumber is here to install a new boiler at last. He has been promising to do it since October!

Right, now lets see if I can publish this short post.