Medical news

Life seems to have revolved around hospitals recently.

Whale was admitted to the Centre for Re-Education for intensive physio on April 27th. However, during his stay he was taken to Casualty not once but twice with a severe urinary infection. The first time he spent 10 days in bed and so undid any benefits from his exercises and the second time, although he was only bedridden for half that time it still feels as though all the previous weeks in the Centre have been achieved nothing in the way of progress.

Not only that, but his 60 days (per year) of insurance cover for a single room have just about been used up with nothing to show for it.

It seems he will be coming home for good at the end of next week (but he does come home at weekends) and we have an interview with the doctor on Wednesday afternoon.

Despite the fact that the Centre is nearing the end of its renovation Whale has been moved about from rooms in the new part to rooms in the old section. All the new rooms have private facilities but in the old wing it’s a case of sharing the toilet which is not very convenient at all.

Then there was the problem of getting up in time for the physio sessions which normally start at nine. On several occasions he missed his slot – or was late – because the aides soignantes didn’t get around to helping him until very late.

For the first week or so the phyios didn’t seem to know what to do with him and some of them didn’t seem to take much interest anyway.

All in all, although I’m grateful for the ‘holiday’ I don’t think Whale has had any benefit at all.

I know he can be irritating and maybe that’s why they tend to ignore him a bit but the standard of care leaves much to be desired.

On a more humorous note I leave you with a ‘Whaleism’:

He has his own telephone with a direct line but always rings unnecessarily each time he has a thought instead of saving it up for a good chat once or twice in a day.

After many times of trying I thought I had finally got through to him that it would be better to make a list of the things he wanted as he thought of them and then to ring after lunch so that we could get everything ready before visiting.

So the next morning he rang at 8.30:

“I’m making my list and I’ll ring you later to tell you what I need”.


6 Responses to “Medical news”

  1. Pat Says:

    He really is priceless isn’t he?
    I’m sad to hear of the standard of care. I did hope ‘France was rather better. I suppose it varies from place to place.

  2. guyana gyal Says:

    That’s like my cousin calling my sister to say she got her email 🙂

  3. tillylil Says:

    Hope Whale improves soon.

  4. Little old me Says:

    haha you have to love him, my dad is a bit like that. He rings to say he is going to ring later.

  5. canisfamiliaris Says:

    I haven’t logged on to your blog for a few months, Sandy. Sorry to hear that Whale continues to have problems, but I bet you have been grateful for the respite despite the phone calls.

  6. sablonneuse Says:

    Thanks for all your comments, folks. As you see from my last post I’m giving up for the time being though no doubt Helen will tell me how stupid I am for not seeing how to post using the ‘new’ system.

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