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Brussels Sprouts

May 17, 2011

As I may have mentioned, Bear and I like to have lunch at the local bar/restaurant once or twwice a week but over the last few months we’ve noticed a gradual lowering of quality in the meals offered.

It always used to be excellent value for money and I suppose the ‘patron’ doesn’t want to put up his prices in the present financial climate so his only choice is to cut costs.

Today’s menu really brought it home as the choice of plats du jour was:

Entrecote (at extra cost)

langue de boeuf

choux de bruxelles (!!!!)

I thought I had misread the third option so asked Fabienne what it was.

“Yes, it’s Brussels sprouts” she explained, “and he’s added some pieces of bacon.”

Bear wouldn’t eat steak or tongue and I was intrigued so we both had the sprouts.

The plates arrived with a large quantity of very overcooked (from frozen) sprouts laced with lardons (small pieces of bacon) , some boiled potatoes and one thick slice of streaky bacon.

It was edible – just.

What a shame that our favourite eating place is reduced to this. It’s no longer somewhere we could happily take friends and family when they come to visit and I’m not sure I really want to eat there more than once a week – if that – but it would be a shame to abandon Hugue when he’s only trying to make a living.