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Le Magnétiseur

May 10, 2011

Bear has been suffering more and more with pain in his legs recently. The only tablets that give any relief are anti-inflammatories which are forbidden because he already has some kidney damage.

Our GP says he should take six  100omg paracetamol tablets a day but there doesn’t seem much point if they don’t help the pain.

Philippe at La Fontaine suggested we went to see a Magnétiseur. He had seen one in Deauville and it had done him good. Unfortunately he didn’t know any local practitioners but Arlette knew a customer who might be able to help and, sure enough, a couple of days later she rang me with details of someone nearby who was a magnétiseur.

I made an appointment and we went this morning at 10 o’clock.

Bruno is in the throes of moving from a modern house in a beautiful village south west of Charleville to a tiny hamlet further away so the rooms were pretty bare apart from some chairs and ‘medical bed’.

He made us feel at ease immediately but explained that curing arthritis would be impossible. He couldn’t even promise that he could relieve the pain but he would do his best. Then he sat down opposite Bear and tried to persuade him to relax. He used a kind of small pendulum and checked his chakras one by one. Then he asked him to lie on the bed and continued the treatment by passing his hands over Bear’s body from his head to his toes,  pausing at each chakra and sometimes making gestures as though he were throwing something away.

This might seem crazy but Bear said he could feel his hands moving over him even though he never touched him and both he and the Magnétiseur had their eyes shut. He described a sensation like bubbles moving and bursting and at the end of the session he said that although the pain was still there it didn’t hurt in the same way.

Bruno apologised for not being able to offer us a drink but said Bear should have a large glass of water as soon as he got home. He might feel a bit dopey for a day or two but this was normal. He said that if Bear felt the treatment was beneficial he would need another couple of sessions. If, on the other hand, he felt it hadn’t worked then maybe he’d like to try another Magnétiseur as they all have their own methods.

I asked him how he had become a Magnétiseur and he explained that he only started a couple of years a go and felt it was an ‘obligation’ – I suppose he meant a kind of calling. Training is free if you have the ‘gift’ and ongoing in that you spend time with more experienced practitioners every so often to learn from them.

He said that he didn’t look what he was doing because his hands were guided. He asked if I believed in God and when I replied  ‘not the God of religion’ he went on to say he was guided by a ‘higher power’ –  whatever you believe in.

It was also interesting when he said that sometimes he is ‘not allowed’ to alleviate suffering because it is part of the lesson to be learned by the person concerned and if he took away the pain the lesson would not be effective.

When I reached for the chequebook he asked if we had cash.

“How much is it?” I asked.

“You give me what you think.” was the reply.

We had no idea of a suitable amount so Bear asked him to make a suggestion.

“Would 20 euros be alright?” he asked.

So that’s what Bear gave him and it seems to be well worth it.