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May 5, 2011

I have been told that there is a measles epidemic at the moment, although I’m not aware of any cases in our neck of the woods.

Of course, people will blame Dr Andrew Wakefield for warning parents off the MMR vaccine but there is evidence that he was right all along. Dosing babies with more and more chemicals at shorter and shorter intervals must cause some sort of overload and may even inhibit the development of their immune system instead of boosting it and in certain cases it would seem, it has lead to autism.

All the same, measles is not a pleasant experience and can be a serious illness for some children.  My mother always maintained that it was measles that caused my very bad short sightedness and she may well be right.

There will soon be an ebook available free from this website . Beau Carrel produced an excellent book for treating ‘flu homeopathically some time ago and I found it very useful for warding off the dreaded lurgy last winter.

Although homeopaths are wary of the overuse of antibiotics he does not advise people to dispense with allopathic treatment and like all serious homeopaths he advocates working with your doctor to alleviate the symptoms.

It’s a shame that so many doctors throw their hands up in horror at the very mention of alternative remedies   and refuse to work with complementary therapists   but it’s good to see that many  GPs in France are more than happy to use a combination of  treatments.

If any children in your family catch measles (or any other childhood illness) I do hope it will be a mild version and they will soon be back to normal health.

There are cases of shingles among the adult  population here and this could be due to vaccination against chicken pox. The immunity from the vaccine doesn’t last forever (but immunity from having chicken pox itself is usually for life) and this makes people more susceptiple to the more serious version of chicken pox. This makes me question the wisdom  of suppressing a pretty harmless childhood illness if it leads to a more serious problem later on.

But then, they are bound to come up with another vaccination against shingles sooner or later aren’t they? And I’m not getting involved in the pros and cons of that. . . . . .