In need of a rest

Rosemary’s visit was a bit of a mixed bag.

I was really worried that she would be bored by the fact that we couldn’t go out much for various reasons including Bear and his painful knees plus moodiness and the fact that Jay’s car broke down and was only just ready in time to take Rosemary to Paris to catch her train.

On the plus side, we had ample time to talk and relax and also enjoyed a few good family meals, especially CC’s birthday, but also the delicious dinners Jay produced for Rosemary’s first and penultimate nights with us.

The few outings we had into town were mainly necessary ones because CC  found that her card had been used fraudulently and this meant reporting the fact to the police ( not once but twice!) and waiting on a very hard seat for well over an hour to speak to the officer concerned.  Rosemary also accompanied us in waiting in  queues at the bank. It wasn’t that there were lots of people in front of us, it’s just that it took ages to deal with one or two customers.

When the car broke down there was a frantic call from Jay but I was glad Rosemary opted to stay at home with a good book as it meant waiting around in the hot sun in a busy road until the police came to push us into a safe position. The chap from the local garage went with Jay to tow it back to the garage after lunch but they couldn’t deal with the fault because it was electrical.

They had to take it back to town to the electronic specialists who reported that it was a ‘vicious short circuit’ which took a very long time to track down.

We were on the point of buying train tickets to Paris when they announced it would be ready on time – just!

Whale has finally been taken into the Centre for Re-Education for some intensive physio. Apparently he will be there for a few weeks but can come home at weekends. It would have been an opportunity to go away for a few days if Bear were more mobile and painfree but it just isn’t worth it in his state of health.

Did I hear you suggest that I might go away on my own?  Fat chance; he wouldn’t like that.

3 Responses to “In need of a rest”

  1. antiphonsgarden Says:

    I regret those cars or washing machines, the most could open and see themselves what was going wrong. With a bit of logic, I mostly found out how to repair the problem.
    All these electronic “improvements”of engines reminds me that a certain part of society has succeed to create herself jobs and profits through so called services nobody needed before.
    I find it also very boring to wait for the so called card payment of someone who is obviously unwilling to use money for few items.

  2. Z Says:

    Welcome back! I’ve missed you. I’m sure Rosemary enjoyed the chance to catch up with years of chat as much as she’d have liked seeing the sights and maybe more – there’s always another visit to plan!

    Good point from Antiphonsgarden about modern machinery – a product of the throwaway society, we can’t repair anything ourselves and a part is rarely mended, but just replaced entirely.

  3. sablonneuse Says:

    Hello Z: yes, we did enjoy a chance to talk about all sorts of things.

    Antiphonsgarden: you’re right that there’s so much more to go wrong with modern machinery nowadays. It took the specialist garage ages to find the fault.

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