The Kitchen

You may remember that way back in July CC made a start on giving the kitchen a makeover.

Well, I’m pleased to report that it is 99% finished as of yesterday (well more like a week ago as I started this post last Wednesday!) when the dresser was finally assembled. But thereby  hangs a tale –  another tale of Bear and his moods. He’s never been good at DIY so I asked Jay if he would put it together. However, when he started to undo the packages Bear was not happy and made it clear that HE was going to assemble it.

Jay went off upstairs while I tried to calm Bear down and we agreed we’d leave the parcels done up for the time being.

But later, unaware of this little fracas, CC attacked the boxes. Bear came along and went mad. He started shouting at CC; I tried to remonstrate with him; he became more and more insulting and finally Whale came out of his room and shouted back in CC’s defence.

It was quite noisy for a few minutes but eventually CC persuaded them to grow up and discuss things calmly. We left them exchanging insults in a slightly more civilised manner and went into the garden. It was all peaceful again when we came back.

It seemed politic to accept Bear’s offer of lunch at the local brasserie to give everyone time to get back to normal and,  sure enough, he came back after lunch as though nothing had happened.

I offered to help him put the dresser together even though it might mean more arguments as Bear does not like to be corrected. However, he took it in his stride when I pointed out one or two minor errors and even seemed relieved when I suggested that Jay might put the drawers together.

CC joined in as well  so in the end it was a joint effort – all four of us!

The final wall was painted a couple of weeks ago but we had to pinch the doors off the spice cupboard to put on the new cupboard under the worktop as we couldn’t find any others to match. You will notice that the new cupboard (far left) doesn’t have drawers either but the gap for the wine rack should, hopefully, detract from this slight discrepancy. CC also decided to change all the knobs to finish off the effect of a new look.

There is one visible place that is still waiting to be  finished off though. I wonder if you can spot it in this photo:


It’s in the arch on the left of the doorless spice cupboard. The wallpaper has been stripped off but some of it refused to budge without taking a substantial amount of  plasterboard with it. CC wants to find some more wallpaper to paste over and then paint but Bear insists several coats of paint will do the trick.

There are still a few little bits and pieces to do before it’s really neat and tidy everywhere but I’m more than happy to see it just about completed at last.

7 Responses to “The Kitchen”

  1. Z Says:

    It looks lovely, and so spacious.

  2. Little old me Says:

    That is a lovely kitchen, I think the spice cupboard looks just fine without doors

  3. Keith Says:

    I agree with helen, I don’t think you need doors on a spice cupboard, everything is in jars anyway. It’s nice to show off your herbs and spices when visitors come, it makes it look as if you know all about cooking.

    Sorry that came out wrong. I know you are a good cook, it’s just that people will think you are a good cook. . . .er . . . . I got it wrong again didn’t I?

    Well you know what I mean (I hope!)

  4. guyana gyal Says:

    What a lovely kitchen, Sab. Just think, everyone can enjoy a bit of credit too.

    I agree, the spice cupboard looks ‘finished’ to me, with all the spices showing off themselves 🙂

  5. sablonneuse Says:

    Thanks everyone. So, if you’re ever this way let me know and I’ll invite you to see whether or not I understand my herbs and spices. (Don’t think I do have a well developed palate but things usually turn out to be edible).

  6. Pat Says:

    Looks perfectly lovely to me – no discrepancies and there must be room for the wine rack. Lucky you! Enjoy!

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