Manic Monday

Mondays are usually busy now that it’s my day for ‘going to work’ but this week I was dreading the beginning of the week and how we were going to fit everything in.

One of these days I’ll get my mojo back and start driving but as I’m still very uneasy about it, it was down to Jay to be a taxi – all day long.

His day went like this:

7:30 –  take Bear and me to the hospital where I had to check him in at admissions and then sweet talk the man on the gate to let us drive into the hospital grounds to deposit Bear at the Diabetic day Centre.

Poor Jay had to wait while Bear was settled in and to my horror I discovered that it would have been possible for me to stay with him. He was not at all happy that I had to leave him and go to work as the other chap in the room had his missus by his side.

8:15 –  take me to my place of work and then go back home.

9:30 –  take CC to her dental appointment when she had her top brace fitted. (She wouldn’t wear one as a 12 year old and is suffering now -to the extent that she is willing to put up with 18 months of brace wearing now).

10:30  – bring CC home.

2:30 – bring CC to town to take over my advanced class so that I could go with him to pick Bear up at the hospital. If I needed any proof that Bear was not in a good mood the first thing the nurse said was that they couldn’t get his BP down. It had been about 200/90 all day despite an increase in medication. I had to wait for the doctor to come and explain the follow up appointments (nephrologist and cardiologist)  and they finally let him out.

He thought they had looked after him well and they had made an effort to speak English with him but he said he took one look at lunch, couldn’t work out what was supposed to be and refused to taste it.

Amazingly, we got back to the class before CC had finished but we swapped back again and Jay drove her and Bear back home.

He was supposed to come and meet me when I finished at 6:15 but Bear came instead.

He was in a bad mood.

“Why are you so late? You finish at 6o’clock”.

I tried to explain that the class finishes at 6 but we may carry on a few minutes if necessary. I can’t throw everyone out on the dot. While they put their coats on and say their goodbyes I have to put things away, turn off the photocopier,  close the shutters, have a wee and finally lock up.

Jay understands this when he meets me and even comes to help carry my heavy bag – not that I’d expect Bear to do likewise.

11 Responses to “Manic Monday”

  1. Z Says:

    Seems to me it was a damn good thing that you hadn’t known it was possible to stay with Bear. That would have been a pretty miserable day for you. Do put your foot down and don’t get lumbered with that.

    • sablonneuse Says:

      The trouble is that he could need an interpreter. The doctor speaks a little English but I realised when I went to collect him that they hadn’t really understood each other.

  2. Little old me Says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again, you Sandy are an ANGEL

  3. tillylil Says:

    Thank goodness for Jay.
    Bet your blood pressure went up when Bear turned up for the final taxi drive of the day!

    • sablonneuse Says:

      yes, Tracey, it’s getting quite nervewracking when he drives nowadays. I really must pluck up the courage to get behind the wheel again but I know that makes HIM nervous!

  4. Patricia D Mackay Says:

    If I’m really good can I have a Jay for my birthday?

  5. antiphonsgarden Says:

    How about your needs in all this busy day?

    • sablonneuse Says:

      Well, it was my day at work and CC took over when I had to be at the hospital so all the hard work was borne by Jay.

  6. guyana gyal Says:

    Monday is usually manic for me too, but I have to cancel classes today for all kinds of reasons. This is my teeny little break.

    Say hi to Jay, he’s just wonderful.

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