Grocery Store Wars

Just found this video which gives an amusing twist to the not so funny attempts to pollute our food with pesticides and irradiation while, at the same time, if reports from America are to be believed,  making life extremely difficult for producers of organic foods.

Are we in danger of losing our free choice in matters of nutrition and alternative therapies?



Grocery Store Wars -Organic Farming, Factory Farming, GMO (2005) –


4 Responses to “Grocery Store Wars”

  1. Pat Says:

    And now we have the poisoned eggs from Germany which was on the news today.
    Thank you for the lovely video. I sent it to my sister in Thailand.

  2. Vagabonde Says:

    I could not see the video. Sometimes videos cannot be seen from Europe because of some copyright laws. I marveled at your tiny egg. I hope your weather has improved. Here we go up and down, that is today is sunny about 9 degree C but we may get some snow next week. People here send most of their good wishes at Christmas, while in France when I lived there Christmas was considered either a holiday for kids or a religious day for the people of faith but the real party time and the time to give wishes is at New Year, just the way it was thousands of years ago. So, have a great 2011 with many happy times.

  3. guyana gyal Says:

    Now that you’ve added this link, I might be able to see the video.

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