New Shower room

Last August we made a start on redoing the kitchen. Cc painted all the doors, we chose a new sink, tap and worktop and ordered tiles at Leroy Merlin.

Pascal came to fit the worktop, sink and tap and made a bit of a mess of it. Then he decided to take a week off before doing the tiles.

But he never came back – even though I owed him 10 euros.

Then, at the end of October we found another neighbour – a qualified plumber – who agreed to take on the job. Guy was neat and methodical and we couldn’t help but compare him most favourably with Pascal.

However, someone’s arithmetic was awry and he ran out of tiles before the end of the job and we had to order some more.

Meanwhile, CC  noticed a leak in her shower room and that became a priority so Guy has spent the last three weeks working virtually full time and even some weekends to completely gut the old room and start afresh.

CC has been longing for her dream ‘bathroom’ but her plans were thwarted. She chose a shower but found that it wasn’t quite what she expected when it came home. She thought the fittings looked ‘cheap and nasty’ and hadn’t realised that there were jets as well as  flexible and over head shower facilities.

Then she had problems getting floor and wall tiles as her first choice was either unavailable or would take weeks to order.

Guy offered to lower the ceiling to make it neater but we hadn’t realised he meant using ‘lambris’  – PVC panels – until it was too late to go back.

The only real success story is the sink unit which is what she really wanted.

Here are the results.

The ceiling.


The shower: pity the green doesn’t match the tiles.


It was hard to find a round washbasin. The fashion seems to be square nowadays.


We’re really pleased with the wood effect floor tiles.

The room seems bigger than it was before and, despite the setbacks, both CC and I like it better than we thought we would.

Guy has gone away for a couple of weeks of well deserved holiday.

Maybe – just maybe, the kitchen will be done in time for Christmas.



10 Responses to “New Shower room”

  1. Little old me Says:

    It looks nice, we are thinking about tiling out our bathroom next year, I am fed-up of the peeling wall paper.

  2. Pat Says:

    It all looks fine to me. I’m tired of endless time and money being spent on the fabric of the house and want some ‘house beautiful ‘ done. As soon as!

  3. tillylil Says:

    I think it looks great – really modern.
    Is it hard deciding on a common theme with so many people living in the house.

    • sablonneuse Says:

      It was totally CC’s choice, Tracey, as it’s her room. She has had to live with the old square washbasin, horrible tiles on the walls and floor so she was looking forward to a relook.

  4. guyana gyal Says:

    It’s lovely, Sab. I like this washbasin, I want one. A pretty bathroom lifts my spirits when I take a shower. I’d belt out a song or two when I’m in there.

  5. Jihan Says:

    wow this looks beautiful. that is the exact tile I was thinking of using in my bathroom. I am also doing construction for my bathroom. However I am not sure I will long as long as it will take my husband to finish it.

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