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Tablespoons or pounds?

November 3, 2010

Put it down to age, poor eyesight or downright stupidity but I made a big mistake with the Christmas cake recipe this year by misreading ‘lbs’ for ‘tbs’ and it wasn’t until I’d gaily poured in a tin and a half of golden syrup and mixed it all up that I realised what an idiot I was.

Not wanting to waste all the ingredients I added more flour and some ground ginger and baked the mixture in two flattish tins.

While they were in the oven I proceeded to make the cake mixtureall over  again -this time using one and a half tablespoons of syrup.

The ‘accidental’ cakes turned out much better than expected and CC took one of them to share with her students on Friday morning.

It went down surprisingly well. The only problem is that several of them asked for the recipe.