Things are not going smoothly with the kitchen makeover.

We have run out of tiles.

The shop didn’t have any more so we’ve ordered some and they should be in by the middle of November.

Meanwhile, the valiant Guy has moved upstairs to tackle CC’s shower. Thathas  turned out to be worse than we’d thought because he has found a leaky pipe behind the shower which was well hidden by Bear’s efforts at ‘lagging’.

The floorboards have rotted and there’s damp up the wall. It’s going to be a major undertaking.

Guy has started to dismantle the shower and take out the washbasin so that he can assess the damage under the floor.

Something tells me this is going to be a long job. It may not even be finished by the time the kitchen tiles arrive so how much longer will we have to live with a dining table piled high with ‘stuff’?



6 Responses to “Complications”

  1. guyana gyal Says:

    It’s not pouring in your home, Sab.

    That’s a deluge.

    Owning a house is a blessing. But you sure have to repair, re-repair to keep it upright. You start on one little job and the workers discover other things that MUST be done.

    But one day, the repairs get done, and you appreciate your blessings all over again.

    • sablonneuse Says:

      You’re so right G-G. The kitchen makeover started in Augusr and I’m hoping it will be done by Christmas. Somehow we need to find a place to make the Christmas cakes soon though.

  2. Pat Says:

    The thing to avoid at all costs is the invasion of cardboard boxes. MTL is addicted to them and they gradually appear all over the house. Drives me mad. I’m yearning for some house beautiful work. We just seem to have lots of stuff done – but you can’t actually see any benefit.
    I’m taking advantage of the lull in the treatments to have a good moan.

    • sablonneuse Says:

      There must be something about husbands and cardboard boxes, Pat. Bear is equally addicted but they are all in the attic, out of sight. However we can never find anything we need as most of the boxes are not labelled.

  3. Little old me Says:

    It will all be worth it in the end, nothing we do ever runs smoothly, it makes it all the better in the end.

  4. Keith Says:

    You’re not having much luck at the moment are you? Never mind, you can always go into the garden and shout at the chickens. They can’t answer you back!

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