A Waste of time at the Hospital

Following Whale’s couple of weeks in hospital recently he was given  three follow-up appointments with a urologist, neurologist and finally an out-patient visit to ‘rhumatologie’ where he had stayed.

The urologist’s appointment was last week and so off we went in the ambulance arriving in good time for  five 0’clock. The system has changed since I was last there and now you have to take a ‘queue ticket’ and wait for your number to  come up so that you can report to the secretary. She takes all the details from the Carte Vitale and gives you a piece ot paper to ‘put in the box above the table in the corridor.’

I did just that and we waited in the area for beds and wheelchairs. Meanwhile six or seven other patients went to the secretary and were directed to another waiting room.

We waited . . . . . . .and waited. Another lady started getting stroppy and I asked her what time her appointment was.

“Ten past five”,  was her reply so I told her our’s was for five o’clock.

Six o’clock came and went and then this lady was called in. Now, I don’t mind waiting if the doctor is running late (after all, we were pretty used to that in England) but I do object to ‘queue jumping’ so I went to find the nurse.

Going through the other waiting room I noticed that there were only two people left!

I complained to the nurse.

“It’s not my fault”, she said, “I can only go by the list the secretary gave me. But you are next.”

Finally we went into a consulting room. It was twenty past six.

The specialist didn’t come through for another ten minutes or so.

“And what brings you here?” he said.

I explained that the doctors at  Rhumatologie had made the appointment when Whale came out of hospital but it was clear that this doctor knew nothing about it.

He scratched his head, glanced at the notes and looked up.

Whale mentioned the undiagnosed prostate cancer from years ago.

“Ah, do you have trouble weeing?” he asked.

“No, he has a catheter.”


So I had to explain that there had been a  secondary cancer on his spine that had partially paralysed him.

He asked what medication he was taking and then dismissed us with,

“Just carry on as you are.”

What a complete waste of time!



10 Responses to “A Waste of time at the Hospital”

  1. Zoe Says:

    One reason why I avoid doctors… But I hope that Whale isn’t in too much discomfort and that you are holding up. I really do admire you.

    • sablonneuse Says:

      Thanks, Zoe, Whale is not too uncomfortable but he does need to move from wheelchair to bed several times a day to relieve his back and bum.

  2. guyana gyal Says:

    Just reading this, I feel so frustrated! Gnash teeth, grrrrr.

    This morning my mum was asking about you, Sab.

  3. tillylil Says:

    Just like England then – a long wait and useless advice.
    Whale is doing really well considering his prognosis a few years ago.
    Is he still taking Homeopathic remedies?

    • sablonneuse Says:

      Yes, he’s not doing badly is he? He still takes homeopathic remedies plus some of the doctor’s drugs as well. For some reason he wouldn’t take the homeopathic blood pressure remedy so he’s still swallowing toxic tablets – his choice!

  4. Keith Says:

    tillylil beat me to it, I was just about to say the same thing. Long waits, useless advice, pills that dont work, etc.

    Like Zoe, I avoid doctors when I can. Our local witch gives better advice and treatment than they do!

    • sablonneuse Says:

      Yes, I agree, Keith. Most of the cures we need can be found in nature. Problem is we’ve forgotten how to make use of plants but fortunately there are still some people who understand that Mother nature knows best.

  5. Little old me Says:

    It’s much the same here Sandy, oh yes well done with the job

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