Getting worked up.

It takes a lot to get me going but I was really cross with the BBC when I saw this article denigrating homeopathy.

Just recently there have been several attempts to poor scorn on alternative therapies and I feel strongly that the government and pharmaceutical companies are doing their best to scare everyone into taking their toxic vaccine this Autumn. After all, there must be thousands of doses left over from the ‘pandemic that never was’ last year and, despite the fact that they are probably past their sell by date (or else laced with who knows what as a preservative) it’s in the interest of profit to use them up: never mind the risk to people’s health.

And on the subject taking risks,  why don’t we hear from the media about the new meningitis B vaccine  for babies that they want to introduce ‘very quickly’ saying that THERE IS NO NEED FOR LONG TERM TESTING BECAUSE THE ADVANTAGES OUTWEIGH THE DISADVANTAGES!

If they accept there are disadvantages then people have a right to be told about them, don’t you think?

Then there are drugs like Amlopidine for high blood pressure which are actually calcium blockers  – but are people warned about this? A friend of mine has been taking it for 12 years and is now suffering from osteoporosis which has certainly not been helped  – and has probably been made worse – by this medication. Can she sue the drug company? Of course not: but they can issue statements about the lack of scientific proof that alternative therapies such as homeopathy actually work while they themselves take shortcuts with their own research into new drugs and even hide or distort the truth  – anything to get their products licensed and making a profit.

I’m convinced that Big Pharma is actually getting worried about the success of safer and inexpensive natural treatments purely from the point of view of lost profits because they don’t seem to care about people’s health.

There is evidence that drugs cause side effects which can sometimes be serious. Then you have to take more drugs to deal with the side effects and so it goes on.

They are waging war on alternative medicine but their arguments are based on a  ‘lack of scientific evidence’  that they work. Isn’t it time that someone put forward the arguments against certain drugs which have been scientifically proven to do positive harm?


16 Responses to “Getting worked up.”

  1. derek Says:


    You’ve got me worried, now. I have been taking Amlodipine for about three years now! Before that, I was on Atenolol (Beta blocker) but had my medication changed by my GP.

    • sablonneuse Says:

      Sorry to have worried you, Derek. Bear has been taking it as well but our doctor prescribed calcium tablets. However he is trying to stop unnecessary medication and hasn’t taken them for several months (though we dare not tell our GP. His BP is fine so there doesn’t seem to be any point in taking a drug for no reason.

  2. bretonne Says:

    I have just received my prescription from Assurance Maladie for the annual vaccin which I normally bin as I get this year’s homeopathic anti-flu course from a local pharmacie – they tell you when it will be in stock. This will be the 4th winter, the previous 3 having been flu-free. The vaccin is free whereas I pay around 9 euros for the homeopathic remedy. Why can’t I get this re-imbursed? Is there some web-site where we can raise this?

    • sablonneuse Says:

      I think they’re trying to cut costs in France too, and no doubt Big Pharma will try to edge out homeopathic remedies here as well.
      Yes, our invitations to ‘flu vaccine are in the bin again this year.

  3. Keith Says:

    Good on you Sandy! I never get drawn into taking these chemical “cures” and meds. In fact if I feel off colour I prefer to visit our local witch/wicca priestess and ask her advice first. She has written lots of books on alternative medication, herbs, and a satisfiying new way of life.

    Since reading her books I felt 100% better than I did when my GP prescribed all those nasties for me!

    Check her out:

    • sablonneuse Says:

      Oh dear, Keith, your comment had to be rescued from the spam box. Sorry it took me so long to find it.
      If this lady,, is to be believed the drug companies really aren’t interested in curing people quickly – if at all – if it means their profits will be reduced.
      Anna Franklin’s website looks interesting and I’m intrigued by this one: Black September.
      I’m hoping he’s wrong but his record is pretty good!

  4. guyana gyal Says:

    An old doctor [yes, a Guyanese doctor who once worked in France], told my mother she’s NOT to take those tablets for arthritis.

    I told her about fish oil and now she’s spreading the word about it to all and sundry.

  5. Little old me Says:

    alternative medicine has been around for year and if you feel it works for you and makes you feel better i see no reason not to use it.

    • sablonneuse Says:

      I wouldn’t advocate stopping all medication given by your doctor but there are many safer alternatives out there – especially for high blood pressure, cholesterol and other fairly common problems.

  6. bretonne Says:

    Someone posted a query on our local AngloInfo site, they’d just received their first papers for the jab and didn’t know what to do with them. I posted a response pointing out the homoeopathic alternative available over the counter and invited interested persons to e-mail me privately, which 4 did almost immediately. Inevitably there were the responses about the BBC’s programme and how the whole homoeopathic business cannot be proved whereas pharmaceuticals have been tried and tested……………I’m not entering into public argument, why does it arouse such fury?

  7. Vagabonde Says:

    I am scared of medicine since I was given Vioxx for one year and became quite sick by it. People had died in England from it and it had been taken off the market, but in the US it was still approved. You are right about big Pharma, profits talk louder than results.

    • sablonneuse Says:

      In England, Bear’s GP had told him he could take three or four Vioxx a day for the pain in his knee. It worked on the pain but as soon as we came to France our medicin traitant threw up her hands in horror and refused to give him a prescription for it.

  8. guyana gyal Says:

    A good place to check is Dr. Oz’ site…he is a heart surgeon but a big believer in using food to help us heal…he’s shown how, with the right food, a body can lower cholesterol.

    • sablonneuse Says:

      Yes, I agree, G-G. there are many cases where good, unprocessed food is far safer and more effective than drugs. It seems that nowadays more and more pills are being exposed as downright dangerous.

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