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First Fight

September 20, 2010

Ever since all the hens and cockerels have been together in the bottom half of the garden I’ve been thinking how lovely it was that despite seven cockerels to five hens there hadn’t been any serious battles.

Until today.

It was all started by the remains of  a pot of creme fraiche. The chickens love yoghurt so I thought this might be a little treat, however, they all scrambled to get at it and a fight broke out between two of the cockerels – a real battle, not just a bit of posturing and feather fluffing, but real pecking, jumping, no holds barred combat.

Typically the other boys went off to watch, leaving the hens to polish off the cream in peace.

But I had to intervene.

Both cocks were bleeding but the one who had ‘given in’ was being chased mercilessly by the aggressor. He dashed into the chickenhouse and I shut the door before ‘topcock’ managed to follow. This also gave me the chance to grab him and put him in a pen on his own to cool off.

Later, at teatime I fed him separately but he obviously wasn’t a happy bunny so I took pity on him and let him loose.

Big mistake: he started chasing the same cockerel all over again and this time, his victim didn’t turn round to fight back – he just ran and ran.

It wasn’t so easy to catch the culprit a second time. I had to wait until the one being chased ran past me and then pounce on his attacker. Then it was back in the cooler with him!

He will have to stay there on his own unless his behaviour improves but I fear he may have started a trend.

He was obviously the leader as at bedtime the others were a bit lost without him and needed a great deal of persuasion to go into their house to bed.  Meanwhile,  he was jumping up and down and crowing in his prison.

Is this the end of a peace in chickenland?

Getting worked up.

September 13, 2010

It takes a lot to get me going but I was really cross with the BBC when I saw this article denigrating homeopathy.

Just recently there have been several attempts to poor scorn on alternative therapies and I feel strongly that the government and pharmaceutical companies are doing their best to scare everyone into taking their toxic vaccine this Autumn. After all, there must be thousands of doses left over from the ‘pandemic that never was’ last year and, despite the fact that they are probably past their sell by date (or else laced with who knows what as a preservative) it’s in the interest of profit to use them up: never mind the risk to people’s health.

And on the subject taking risks,  why don’t we hear from the media about the new meningitis B vaccine  for babies that they want to introduce ‘very quickly’ saying that THERE IS NO NEED FOR LONG TERM TESTING BECAUSE THE ADVANTAGES OUTWEIGH THE DISADVANTAGES!

If they accept there are disadvantages then people have a right to be told about them, don’t you think?

Then there are drugs like Amlopidine for high blood pressure which are actually calcium blockers  – but are people warned about this? A friend of mine has been taking it for 12 years and is now suffering from osteoporosis which has certainly not been helped  – and has probably been made worse – by this medication. Can she sue the drug company? Of course not: but they can issue statements about the lack of scientific proof that alternative therapies such as homeopathy actually work while they themselves take shortcuts with their own research into new drugs and even hide or distort the truth  – anything to get their products licensed and making a profit.

I’m convinced that Big Pharma is actually getting worried about the success of safer and inexpensive natural treatments purely from the point of view of lost profits because they don’t seem to care about people’s health.

There is evidence that drugs cause side effects which can sometimes be serious. Then you have to take more drugs to deal with the side effects and so it goes on.

They are waging war on alternative medicine but their arguments are based on a  ‘lack of scientific evidence’  that they work. Isn’t it time that someone put forward the arguments against certain drugs which have been scientifically proven to do positive harm?

Long time – no blog

September 7, 2010

Well done Helen for waking me up from my blogging hibernation with a little prompt in the comments box.

So, what’s been going on here then?

My sister Wendy and her husband came to stay last week. They usually come in March but decided to wait until the end of August in the hope of avoiding the rainy season. Of course, they were greeted by rain which lasted for a couple of days but the rest of their stay was sunny. They both lead hectic lives so it made a change for them to stay later in bed and not do much – just a trip into town on the one day when the roads were gridlocked thanks to major work near the station – and a look around the hypermarket, more from curiosity than the need to buy anything.

However, Roger found a waterproof overall in a medium size (he’s very slim) but it was too tight so we had to go back and queue for ages at the Accueil where they gave him his money back. We then found the same thing in xl which fitted him.

Whale is in hospital to see if they can shed any light on the cause of his swollen and stiffening right leg.  He wasn’t looking forward to it as his last experience of  “Rheumatology” was bing squeezed into a small room with his wheelchair, walking frame and another patient.

But now the department has transferred to the new wing and he has a big room all to himself with his own toilet and shower. He has a phone by his bed so that he can call for a chat whenever he feels like it and plenty of books to read. They have already done various tests and several types of x-rays and scans including an MRI but he thinks the doctor said he would be in for another week.

The chickens are getting used to the cooler weather and soggy ground. They don’t always have the sense to go under cover when it pours with rain but they are putting themselves to bed earlier.

Last night I found the one ‘definite’ hen from the white gang had gone to bed with the black hens. Does this mean she wanted to avoid the boys’ dormitory?

There are now three cockerel voices being raised and one has mastered a clear ‘cock-a-doodle-dooooo’. The other two are making throaty rumbling sounds but it won’t be long before all seven of them are competing to show off their masculinity. Oh dear!

We are in the throes of redecorating the kitchen. CC has painted all the cupboard doors and  Pascal installed a new sink and tap together with a new worktop but we are waiting for him to come and retile the walls and fit an induction hob.

I’ll post photos when it’s all done.

A couple of  ‘funnies’  to finish:

1)Just had a phonecall from a friend whom CC was supposed to meet at the station, asking where she was.

“But you said sept heures et demie”.

Non, DIX-SEPT heures et demie.”

Guess who took the message – moi!! Oops

2) Bear during lunch:

“I want to go to thingy tomorrow as I’d like to go to whatsit as well”.