Update on the Chickens

Would you believe that those dear little chicks have grown into enormous cockerels?

They are bigger than the hens but, all the same, they get pecked mercilessly and chased off by the  ladies when it’s feeding time.

Gertie, Daisy, Peggy and Susie certainly let it be known who’s in charge.  However, Susie has come over broody for the second time.

I’ve tried the ‘bottom in cold water’  treatment and isolating her in  ‘prison’ in the run (middle above) but she was so unhappy I had to let her out. None of the eggs she’s tried to sit on have been her own and I doubt any could be fertilised because, despite their size, the cockerels are not fully mature.

Anyway, I don’t think the hens would let them get near enough to have their wicked way! It’s comical to see these big birds run away squawking when a little black hen goes towards them and the ground is littered with tail feathers from the times they haven’t run quickly enough.

There is mutual curiosity between the chickens and the young bulls next door. . . . .

….. and I just missed them staring at each other but managed to get a shot of the line of bulls after the chickens had got bored and moved away.

Last night was the first time I heard two of the cockerels really trying out their voices – and what a racket! They were obviously showing off, strutting about on the roof of the chicken house but they haven’t mastered proper crowing as yet. It was more of a raucous clucking and a rumbling from their throats.

Heaven help us – and the neighbours – when they all start as I reckon there are seven cockerels and only one hen among the Sussex chickens.

Sorry, but some of them will have to be dinner!

11 Responses to “Update on the Chickens”

  1. Z Says:

    What a shame – I’m afraid that they will fight and it will be horrible, so you’re right to harden your heart.

  2. guyana gyal Says:

    An aunt, now living in America, told me that she misses the sound of roosters crowing. Of all things to miss!

    Haha, film those rauchy roosters getting hen-pecked and put it on your blog 🙂

  3. Little old me Says:

    That would be fun to see

  4. Pat Says:

    I can imagine spending many a happy hour just observing. Unfortunately I suspect there is a certain amount of work involved also:)

  5. sablonneuse Says:

    Thank you for your comments ladies.
    Z: it’s not easy to think of eating them. I bet you don’t eat any of yours.

    G-G: if I knew how to post a video from my phone I would do it but I’d have to remember to have my mobile with me when I go up th garden first!

    Helen: it is fun to to watch them. They really are characters.

    Pat: Well I wouldn’t say it was hard work. It means I have to get up early every morning to feed them and let them out and then shut them in just as it’s getting dark every night. Mucking out is the worst bit but if you clean out the poo every day (I just wear gloves and pick it up to put in the compost) and add fresh straw – or even sweet scented hay – a full scale clean doesn’t have to be done quite so often.

  6. derek Says:


    I have been terribly quiet online for a few months – actually very busy with other projects and also had computer problems. Even the website has suffered. Hopefully, will be a bit more active in future.

    Re. ‘bottom in cold water’ treatment. Sounds rather extreme to me!! Glad I never went broody!!

    • sablonneuse Says:

      So pleased to hear from you again. Derek. Hope you’ve sorted out your projects nad computer problems.
      The cold wter treatment seemed to work the first time Susie was broody but I think I left it too late this time.
      At least, she’s over it now, in her own good time but is still not laying.

  7. Keith Says:

    Like Derek, I have been busy with the garden and other things and haven’t had much time for blogging.

    We are not allowed to keep chickens and other livestock where I live, by order of the Council (the local SS) otherwise I would have a few goats!

    • sablonneuse Says:

      I’d love to have some goats but it was a big enough battle with the family getting chickens.
      I gather they are efficient lawnmowers but could be inclined to eat the fruit trees as well – goats that is – not chickens or family.

  8. Pat Says:

    Oh easy peasy then:)

  9. Little old me Says:

    Hi Sandy, its been a long time, hope everything is ok

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