Bear is Jealous

It’s some time since I had a little moan about Bear  and,  in all fairness, he hasn’t been too bad these last months.

However, our weekly lunches à deux at the local restaurant often turn into an opportunity for him to let off steam.

Take today: he suddenly launched into the usual invective aimed at Whale, CC and Jay but mostly Whale.

“He should be in a home”

“I can’t bear the sight of him”.

“I refuse to eat at the table with him.”

“You spend more time lookng after him than you do looking after me.”

When I protested that I hardly  spend any time with Whale – although he does call me more often than he used to but, as a rule,  it’s only for things that can be done quite quickly – Bear came out with his latest idea:-

“Alright, I’m going to do a time and motion study on you to prove it!”

It seemed better not to say that he might have trouble doing that since he gets up much later than I do and sleeps for most of the afternoon.


11 Responses to “Bear is Jealous”

  1. Zoe Says:

    Uh-oh….ultimatums (so as to speak in this case) never, ever work. Well, rarely.

    I admire your family composition and wonder frequently: how on earth do you stay sane?

  2. Keith Says:

    Dont worry Sandy, he wont have the “time” to do that. From what you say, he doesn’t have the “motion” either if he’s asleep most of the time!

  3. Little old me Says:

    it will keep him busy while he is awake

    • sablonneuse Says:

      Fortunately he has the Tour de France to keep him occupied fro the next couple of weeks and then he’ll have forgotten, Helen.

  4. Pat Says:

    Oh dear! They do say a leopard never changes its spots.

  5. Vagabonde Says:

    I admire your patience.

  6. Susie Vereker Says:

    As others say, you have the patience of a saint.

  7. guyana gyal Says:

    Has he started on that list as yet? I’m still laughing at Bear 🙂

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