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Bear is Jealous

July 8, 2010

It’s some time since I had a little moan about Bear  and,  in all fairness, he hasn’t been too bad these last months.

However, our weekly lunches à deux at the local restaurant often turn into an opportunity for him to let off steam.

Take today: he suddenly launched into the usual invective aimed at Whale, CC and Jay but mostly Whale.

“He should be in a home”

“I can’t bear the sight of him”.

“I refuse to eat at the table with him.”

“You spend more time lookng after him than you do looking after me.”

When I protested that I hardly  spend any time with Whale – although he does call me more often than he used to but, as a rule,  it’s only for things that can be done quite quickly – Bear came out with his latest idea:-

“Alright, I’m going to do a time and motion study on you to prove it!”

It seemed better not to say that he might have trouble doing that since he gets up much later than I do and sleeps for most of the afternoon.