Job Interviews

Some weeks ago a friend told us that  her boyfriend’s mother attended English classes in town and their teacher was leaving, so they were looking for someone to do six to eight hours a week.

She asked if  CC  would be interested in applying but as she  has been promised a two month contract for September she couldn’t take it on.

So I thought I’d give it a try.

When I looked up the Association she gave me it came under the umbrella of  the Chamber of Commerce. I phoned to inquire whether they were looking for an English teacher and, although she seemed a little taken aback, the lady invited me to send in my CV and a ‘lettre de motivation’.

As I heard nothing I assumed they weren’t interested and the next time I spoke to Sandrine I told her I had applied but heard nothing. She was surprised as she had spoken to her ‘almost’  mother-in-law and it seemed she hadn’t heard anything about my application.

By coincidence, the lady from the Chamber of Commerce telephoned shortly after to invite me for interview on the 21st at 17.00 so, naturally, I thought my CV and letter had been ‘found’.

So, yesterday I was all prepared for the experience of a job interview – something I’d long forgotten all about.

But that morning I found an email from Sandrine’s mother-in-law asking if I could meet with her at ten past three in the entracne hall of the building where the classes take place. She had given me her telephone number so I rang immediately.

It seems that the classes she is involved with are subsidised by the Chamber of Commerce but run by another association and it’s up to them to find a new teacher themselves.

Oh well – two interviews in one afternoon.

Jay kindly drove me into town and deposited me at the given address where I waited in the lavish entrance hall  until two well dressed ladies came through the door and introduced themselves. They invited me to sit on one of the upright but comfy chairs and then moved two more of them to sit opposite me. It only needed a desk  between us and the interview room would have been complete.

After the questions and chat they took me to see the classroom where the present teacher was taking the advanced class.  The job entails three classes of one hour from 9 till twelve, a two hour lunch break and three more classes in the afternoon – the last one being for two hours.

They seemed to think that I would fit the bill but have to clear it with the committee. They will let me know at the end of the month.

Jay brought me home again as there was too much  time to kill before the next interview.

At five o’clock I was sitting in an office at the Chamber of Commerce with one French and one English interviewer. They were both very pleasant and seemed to find the ‘mix-up quite amusing. The work that they were offering would be temporary assignments  to help out when necessary. That  would be ideal as I wouldn’t want to take on another permanent commitment  in addition to Mondays and the voluntary classes at the library on Tuesdays but the occasional chance to earn a few extra euros wouldn’t be sneezed at.

So, at the ripe old age of 65 I could be back to work in September.


4 Responses to “Job Interviews”

  1. bretonne Says:

    Are you sure your menagerie can cope without you? On the other hand, it would be a good break for you! Having recently done a week+ exhibition on a daily basis, having to be at a certain place at a certain time, it was too much like being back at work for me. A colleague and I arranged shifts so we didn’t have to get up early every morning. However, we weren’t being paid………..
    Bon courage!

  2. sablonneuse Says:

    Thanks Jill. It’s being paid that is the main incentive and although it’s a long day (9 till 6 with a two hour lunch break) it is only for one day a week. As you say, it will be an opportunity to meet people and a break form the usual routine. As for the menagerie I expect the most problems will be caused by Bear and Whale. . . . .

  3. Little old me Says:

    well done and good luck

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